Juicing Recipes Will Help The Economy!!

Well, it's official. Everyone is losing their jobs, no one can eat out anymore, we all have to work as a janitor at Denny's, stop showering with hot water, and succumb to a cheap, fast food diet. So throw out your juicing recipes, take the juicer to the pawn shop and put on your uniform cuz today you have a double shift.

One word: NOT!! There is at least one thing in that last paragraph that doesn't have to be included in our new "Crisis" mentality. Is it just me, or are vegetables and fruits still a cheap way to get vitamins? I rest my case. Yes, perhaps your GNC preferred customer card won't get used until your next birthday month (for the 25% discount), and that's a right horrible thing. But how about this; instead of having a nervous breakdown because your shelves won't be populated with "MegaMen" and "B Booster" pills - stop - take a moment... breathe in... and understand where the ingredients for those vitamins came from.

History tells us that one of the first things we tend to sacrifice in a financially challenged environment is our nutrition. Now more than ever nutrition is an expensive pursuit in this day and age of quick fix diets and vitamins that cost more than some cancer medications. I am writing this post to beg and plead to everyone NOT to let your health be sacrificed because things are getting tough. Think of it this way. You will have to work harder and smarter now than perhaps ever in your life to survive this downturn, so getting sick will do nothing but harm your productivity on so many levels.

Let's face it, you can juice on almost any budget. Veggies and fruits aren't so expensive yet. Look at it this way, if you lost everything and were reduced to wandering the country looking for food, an apple tree would be a very nice thing to see, yes?

Saving money is a key to withstanding economic hardships, and living cheaper saves you money. Here's an idea; take 15.00 and buy a big bag of...
wheat grass
... and forgo that 85.00 "SuperMegaMassiveMonstrous" vitamin. You'll save 70.00 for the winter heating bill and will have simultaneously increased the amount of vitamins your body digests!

Seriously speaking, now that your job may be on the line, it might be worth it to look at that 300.00+ a month that you throw away buying vitamins, and replace all those happy pills with healthy juice. Trust me, it's cheaper and better for you.

Juice to calm fears, juice to ease medical conditions - lose weight, hell you can even juice to slow the progression of disease. It's not rocket science. No it's not as easy as popping a pill of course, but it's not rocket science. Here are the instructions, in 5 easy steps:

1. Buy a quality juicer.
2. On your way home from the juicer store, buy assorted vegetables and fruits.
3. Plug in the juicer.
4. Insert veggies and fruits.
5. Drink!!

Step one can be removed from the instructions above if you buy a juicer from this site of course, (I highly recommend this one) but that's entirely your call. I'm only here to help.

So next time you turn on the TV and see all the Doom Sayers tell you we're going straight to the Ninth Circle of Financial Hell, grab your veggies, some great juicing recipes and make some juice. Oh, and turn to the golf channel :).