To Pulp Or Not To Pulp? That Is The Question

Greetings again fellow juicing for health fanatics! Herein is a quick point I need to make, one that I realized I should speak to after reading some old emails. The question is, as you may have guessed already, should we leave the pulp in our juices or discard it completely?

Here's the short answer. Yes and no. What - were you expecting something straightforward? This is the '00's people, nothing is simple anymore, just look at the health care crisis. Seriously though, I'll say it once: it is NOT wise to leave the pulp in your juices unless you are buying 100 % organically grown produce that you can verify has NOT ever been touched by the evil Pesticide/Chemical Beast of Doom. Furthermore, if you can't be sure of the "organic-ness", I would suggest you stick to a masticating juicer (one that employs gears) rather than a centrifugal juicer. (Look below the post or click here for some juicer options) You'll understand why in a moment or two.

As I was saying, there's a pretty straightforward reason for this. With normally purchased produce, that is - the stuff that has been chemically treated - you will obviously have these toxins living on your food, raising families, looking for work, having loud parties, and just basically doing what all the cool chemicals do. (Like causing cancer and turning your hair green) These imposing and insidious chemicals will always be prevalent on your produce, and can combine with vitamins and other nutrients as a centrifugal juicer merely chops them all up with the rest of the fruits and veggies. So, yes, they end up in your juice. Conversely, a gear juicer can get rid of most of these offending chemical "squatters" along with the pulp you throw away by combining these toxins with the fibers and pulp. This happens as the foods are crushed and masticated. Sure, some small amounts of nastiness can get left behind, but by throwing your pulp and not ingesting it, you can be assured you're doing the most to keep chemicals away from your digestion and body.

Again, separating the harmful chemicals from your juices is not really possible with a centrifugal juicer, since the mechanics of the juicing process involves merely slicing up the produce, thereby combining the entire produce item(s) into juice. This inevitably allows potentially harmful chemicals to intermingle with everything as it's chopped into tiny bits, and as a result - you may eventually turn a shade of lime green and become radioactive. (I'm kidding!!)

Using juicers that employ gears is definitely a better attempt to separate the harmful man-made toxins - again - simply by the mechanics of how it extracts juice. As opposed to chopping your foods into little bits, masticating gears will actually crush your foods. This allows the healthy nutrients to escape while that lousy chemical crud binds with the fibers and pulp that you eventually toss in the bin.

This may not seem fool proof, and in fact it isn't, but it will be the best bang for your buck if you are concerned about the pesticides and environmental toxins that exist in store bought/treated produce. If you're not concerned about these factors, good on ya. Should you grow toxic and a few extra limbs, I'm sure you can still get work as a superhero villain.

Really folks, as a general rule you should, if at all possible, stick to organically grown produce - stuff that you can verify as authentically organic. Bear in mind why I warn you to verify your produce is organic. The fact is that there are a few - though not many - shady markets that are known for throwing an "Organically Grown" sticker on anything. Believe it or not I have actually seen one on a bag of Doritos once. I'm not kidding.

At any rate, do the research and find out where your foods are coming from, and if you must use chemically treated produce, try to do your juicing with masticating juicers like the ones pictured below and linked here and here, respectively. Cheers!

Total Cleanse – What Makes Juicing so Effective for Health

The following is a guest post from Ed at Total Cleanse. Take some time to visit his site, it's a treasure of information!

Juice has long been popularized for its health benefits as well as its taste, but how much truth and real world benefit is there to juicing then... say... simply taking a multivitamin and buying store bought juice? The biggest and most important factor to this is something called “bioavailability”, which simply means how easily and proficiently the body can absorb the nutrients that’s being provided to it. Juicing has been found to be one of the most effective ways to transmit nutrients from source to body due to its' inherent freshness, and without all the food matter such as fiber that the body normally has to break down being present. This tends to promote the passing of vital nutrients instead of absorption.

This brings us to a key point here, fiber is extremely important to your diet, especially for maintaining a cleanse brought on by proper juicing. You simply don’t want to have fiber present when your juicing because you want all the vital nutrients to be fully absorbed and not blocked and passed by fiber. Hence the need to get your fiber from other sources like eating fresh fruit and veggies themselves and consume them without being juiced, and from whole grains, and other wholesome sources of fiber.

The other important factor here that contributes to overall “bioavailability” is the active and live enzymes present in the juice that contribute greatly to the absorption of juice after the fibrous material is separated. Store bought juices- even when lightly pasteurized - lose the vast majority of its enzymes due to their very delicate nature, and therefore most of the vitamins and nutrients still present in juice pass through your system with only minimal absorption, thus defeating its purpose (other than to provide a nice sugary beverage to enjoy). Also even if juice is not pasteurized or modified in any way, the active enzymes have a very short life span and die out quickly and should truly be consumed right after juicing for maximum benefit.

The reason vitamin pills and supplements don’t work too well is for similar reasons as the store bought juice, not only are these vitamins simply going into your system in the condensed form of a pill - thus lacking naturally occurring enzymes, they also are man-made or synthetic, and not nearly as beneficial as naturally occurring vitamins. So as you can see, juicing and then drinking fresh juice right afterward is truly the best way to get the most out of your juicing for health benefits, and it also tastes a lot better!

The Snake Oil Salesmen Are Hard At Work!

Have You Heard About Acai Berry?

If you have, well, I'm not here to knock it's many potential benefits. I'm not here to tell you that it's a load of bull, nor that juicing with Acai berries can make you feel like you could throw a motorcycle 25 feet straight up in the air. However, when it comes to the many scams on the internet, the Acai Berry diets and concoctions have quite a few losers and unscrupulous websites attached, so beware.

Like I said, I'm not writing this as anything other than an overview of the potential health benefits of the acai berry. It is one of the most nutritionally dense fruits out here in the Great Big World. Arguably, it is extremely beneficial to heart health. It's even full of awesome superfood-ness, like Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. These 2 fatty acids are to high cholesterol as a distorted guitar is to a Kenny G concert. So yes, I've done my research, and yes, there are levels of circumstantial and clinical evidence that Acai Berry Fruit may be all that (and a bag of juicers). ;)

My little tiny consumer warning is this: There are literally hundreds of unscrupulous offers being made online regarding this product. I bring this up after a few emails that ended up in my inbox. Mostly the emails were warnings by fellow trainers, but some were by readers that have been duped into one shady deal or another - deals that will keep charging you for a substandard product no matter what you do to cancel your order. One reader has yet to receive any product at all, after ordering some incarnation of an Acai Berry Diet - and it's been over 6 months.

If you're a regular reader, you know that I preach and preach how you are always so much better off heading to a trusted, authority site (Amazon anyone?) as opposed to scooping up some of the overly hyped, super sexy scam sites claiming they are offering the best deals on Acai Berry supplements, or any other weight loss and/or nutritional product. In the first place, authority sites are all about customer protection, in the second, they normally sell frikin everything, and thirdly, I have yet to be disappointed in my one preferred site - Amazon.

Acai, Resveratrol, and a few other notable vitamins and supplements have been in the news lately as potential weapons in the battle against anything from cancer to sun damaged skin. Whether or not they offer any benefit at all to your internal organs and/or your ability to fight disease is still up for debate, however I always say it's best to try something that has some plainly obvious nutritional value. The Acai berry/fruit has within it nutrients known for their generous health benefits. Having said that, it's no mental leap to suggest we should be buying it, eating it, and juicing it right along with broccoli, Oranges and Wheatgrass.

So, one last time, I'm not writing to promote Acai, or slam it's benefits. I've included some Amazon links here for you to check it out, but more to get you going to the right place to find it. This article is actually just to warn everyone I know and all my Uber Cool subscribers that the people/companies making wild claims and trying to sell you on some forced continuity Acai Berry Diet, well they are - by and large - knuckleheads. Snake Oil Salesman my fair and gentle readers, nothing more.

And so, this has been an official shout out to anyone that reads my small and humble site on the regular, because you should be warned.

Guys and gals, I'll say it yet again. When the offer seems too good to be true, believe me it is! If you want to try Acai, or Resveratrol, or any of the latest greatest vitamin and mineral fads, get them only from reputable sites or stores (again, Amazon anyone?) stay away from the shady looking Acai sites, or do diligent research before committing to an order. Heck, email me and I'll check it out for you.

Ok, I've ranted enough. Go and make a juice why don't ya! Cheers!

The Acai Blues
  • 6 oz Acai Berry Juice
  • 1 handful Blueberries
  • 1/2 handful cranberries
  • 1 green apple (w/skin)
  • 'nuf said. It's delicious!!

Juicing Recipes Get's Back To The Basics

I'm heading on back to the good old days. That's right, this is a juicing for health site, and I'm stomping back to the old school. I'm saying that because of late, my posts have been more concentrated on weight loss than juicing. For those not needing to lose weight, sorry but I really had to take the opportunity to address the issue, since I was (and still am!) receiving tons of emails about juicing specifically for that purpose. So now, finally, I'm writing this to jump back full speed into the business of juicing, because after all, I live by the juice - and you should too. :)

I'll start today by offering an honest and comprehensive review of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, my pick for the overall best juicer on the market today. I've mentioned it a few times on the site, but this time I'll really give you the "low down". Yep. Every fresh start at a topic deserves its' core ingredient be attended to first. Every house needs a foundation. Every dog has his day. Every.... ok, ok, I'll shut up already.

1st off, you need to know that the Juice Fountain Elite is my #1 pick over ANY other juicer currently on the market when price is a consideration. As mentioned, I preface this statement by letting you know there are better juicers, but they cost a tad more, especially if you buy the JFE through my links ($140.00 off!!). So when I say it's hands down the best, I mean that it's the best - in a value for your money sort of way.

Here's a list of reasons why this Breville unit is Super Cool, Unreal Freaky, and Awesome:
  • Reason 1: It has a 3-inch chute which means that many fruits and large veggies can be juiced whole. This helps a great deal for those that don't necessarily have time - or an inclining - to cut their portions correctly for juicing. Also, juicing whole fruits allows that more of the overall nutritional value of said food item can be juiced, and therefore consumed.
  • Reason 2: There are several parts to clean, but fear not, because most of these parts are dishwasher safe. This certainly adds to the appeal since most of us dread having to hand wash small parts.
  • Reason 3: If you get up early in the morning for a juice, your kids won't wake up startled and wonder why you've seemingly fired up your lawnmower in the kitchen. In other words, as juicers go, the Breville is a fairly quiet unit.
  • Reason 4: Editors at a popular product review company had tested 29 juicers, using various methods. They had basically processed 600 oranges, 10 pineapples, 150 beets, (and a whole slew of other fruits and veggies) and compared results. Out of these various brands, 2 Breville juicer models were hands down winners in almost every category. In fact they only lost points because of their weight and girth.
  • To that "girth" ^^^ criticism I say ... come on(!), juicers are not meant to be strapped around our necks like an I pod, they are meant to live on your counter-top for crying out loud. They're supposed to be big and beautiful, so that when you reach the kitchen every morning you are immediately sucked into its' gravity field. Sheesh, I thought we all knew that.
  • Reason 5: Forget bulky, the Breville JFE is nothing but Uber Sexy. Yep. It's stainless steel, which - to interior decor - is the new black. Get the Juice Fountain Elite and you will suddenly find yourself running to the appliance store to trade in every other appliance you own, for something in "stainless steel". Trust me, I did this last year and now even my can opener is of the "stainless" variety.
Expanding further on the test mentioned in reason 4, said testers were quite horrified to discover that certain very popular brands simply broke down during the process. How that matters to us is simple: if these heavily marketed juicers couldn't withstand one simple go around to gather data, they wouldn't last 3 months in your home. I'll play nice for now and not name these brands, but I can assure you they ARE some of the more popular (and more useless) juicer brands that we see every day.

All in all, the more expensive juicer models (like Breville and Greenstar products) have a significant and obvious advantage over pretty much anything from a catalog or on TV. That's not because they cost more, it's because they are meant for more robust usage and for a more serious juicing fanatic. More bang always costs more bucks, people. I can speak highly at a few top end products, those being the Breville Juice and Blend, and the Greenstar Juice Extractor. There are more products and companies that are truly awesome, but detailing them would take another article or 10. (BTW, click the links above to check them out)

One thing of utmost importance when considering juicers folks; if you are in the market, never, EVER go cheap because cheap breaks, cheap frustrates, and cheap can stop your progress when it's rendered useless by an overly ambitious pineapple recipe. Stick with the brands known to do the job over and over again. As I've mentioned, Breville (and Greenstar) are both companies worth their weight in gold.

Just for fun, and just because I'm hoping you are really a fanatic about juicing like I am, check out the Breville Mega Super Unreal Millennium Falcon Juicer. (That's not its' name, but it should be) It has a certain drool factor if you're a juice freak like I am :). As I've said somewhere, that thing could juice a Cadillac and still have enough "hudspa" to liquify your old hockey sticks. One good thing to know is that Amazon has these Uber juicers at $100.00 savings (again, if you click the link I gave that is ;)) Another great thing about the Juice and Blend is that it has a fully Uber Awesome blender attachment. So what might seem a tad expensive at first go is not really so steep - since you save on blender expenses.

Seriously, The Breville Juice/blend combo is a very advanced juicer and most people owning these models are already very serious about juicing, or they need to produce large volumes in short periods. Having said all that nonsense, this is the model I have and I just love it. Firstly, it will not ever quit. Secondly, if my BMW ever blows a gasket, I'm sure I have the replacement engine in my kitchen, right beside the microwave.

To conclude, for a reasonable cost there simply is no better juicer on the market than the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, in my opinion. You can look it over yourself (click the links), or as always, click on the fancy-shmancy pictures I always feel inclined to provide. You can buy it directly from my links at Amazon, (I've got the sweetest deals in existence;)) or by finding a brick and mortar store that carries Breville or Greenstar products. Either way it is a responsible and smart purchase if you are entering into the juicing lifestyle and want something that's both Uber Sexy and Uber Functional.

Here's an excellent juicing vid featuring my baby. Cheers!

Juicing For Health And Quality Home Exercise

Since I get constantly inundated with emails asking my advice on losing weight, and since it always happens at this time of year when kind folks are hoping to prepare for the summer bikinis and beach outings, I am going to make this answer available to everyone yet again. It makes more sense than having to CC an email to only those who email me. And yes,  I've covered this topic once before (you can find it here) but repetition is sometimes the key to getting people to see the light.

OK, here is my advice, and it's based on years of training both serious athletes, Hollywood personalities, and normal folk like you and I. In the first place, anyone with expanding stomach issues needs to click here, or click the fancy "in post" graphic that is flashing between the "Truth About Abs" text and some enviable couple's amazing abs. Oddly enough the program IS called the Truth About Abs. (Go figure;)) Anyway, here's the thing: This program is 100% useful and effective - and it's available at a mind-numbingly serious deal. I mean it. Click the link now and grab it if you're worried about stomach fat - or if you're looking for a good workout and health maintenance program. It costs less than a few weeks of Lattes. Seriously. Your gut will thank you, your fridge door hinges will thank you, and your tailor will thank you (for all the extra work taking in your trousers ;)).

Now I'm not just going on and on about this program with my own self interest at heart. I happen to know this program works like gangbusters when applied. Truth About Abs is not just an "abs" program, it's an overall fitness regimen and it's worth it's weight in gold as both a fitness routine and as a nutritional guideline. It is the perfect jumping off point for anyone serious about getting healthy - and since most people start to notice fat around the mid-section first, it is perfectly topical. Obviously I really believe in this program or I would never steer you there. There is nothing I can do to help shed your stomach fat that this program cannot do. It's worth noting that since I charge up to 350.00 per week to train someone in a group, and 550.00 as a 1 on 1 coach, (using almost the identical principles found in that program) well there's not much else to say. It's a no brainer if you're reading this and want to shed the spare tire for the coming summer and beyond.

Secondly, there are a good deal of people emailing me that say they just hate gyms and refuse to join one. It's either an actual phobia, they despise being around all the gym rats, or they just have an understandable craving for privacy. So the inevitable question becomes this; "what can one get for home that will be the MOST effective fat burner?" The answer is to head to this link and get yourself a rowing machine. The one I've featured before is the Kettler Kadett Outrigger - I own one, and it is just awesome. German engineered, quiet as a peep, and easily the best bang for your home gym/workout buck. In fact I am staring at mine right now and thinking about rowing around in the ocean of my mind, while I listen to a new audio book. :)
  • Factoid: Rowing is one of only a few NO impact workouts that can actually build muscle tone in legs and back.
At this point you may be wondering, "why a rowing machine and not a treadmill?" Well, in the first place rowing is an excellent overall exercise with more fat burning potential than a treadmill, but more to my point, it's the only home gym equipment I've noticed time and time again that is consistently put to effective use. Treadmills are nice if you are partial to running ... umm... nowhere, and stationery bikes can work too - with the added benefit of being as boring as a rerun of "The Antique Roadshow". Also worth noting that it takes longer to burn calories on both the treadmill and stationery bike than you will burn using a rower (if you're doing both right), and it's much harder on your joints. Not to mention that normally people buying treadmills and stationery cycles end up using them more as glorified clothes hangers than as a fitness tool. Anyone that buys a treadmill is, in my opinion, in need of a quick glance out the front window. One pair of runners and access to the outdoors will save you a heckuva lot of money - and space inside your house.

It has continually been my experience in the fitness and training industry that rowing machines get more use than any other home gym item, with the exception of an actual home gym. Now, if you feel like buying a home gym, then all I can say is... please... DO IT! I have a Bowflex at home that I use in conjunction with my rower. The Bowflex is actually quite brilliant whether you are just starting to get back in shape or a serious fanatic like me.

Most serious gym-level equipment can get quite expensive and require heaps of real estate inside the home, which is why the Bowflex rocks. Besides, if you have the kind of money to get gym quality gear I would suggest you get cognitive therapy instead - to deal with your gym phobias. Counseling will cost you less than some gym equipment, just sayin'. Just do like I do, get a Bowflex for light to medium home workouts, and get to the gym when you are truly ready to shred. And just so you know, the Bowflex links I provide offer around $400.00 savings ($399.01!!!) off the regular price for a Bowflex home gym. (I gets me them serious Amazon deals don't ya know ;))

Anyway, back to the rowing machine. Here's my personal take on why they get used more than, say, the common treadmill:
  1. They tuck under the bed/couch/kitchen table easy enough, and thus can come out whenever you feel like working up a sweat.
  2. Rowing is excellent for instant stress relief.
  3. Rowing won't ever stress your knee and ankle joints in the manner that running or cycling can.
  4. It's almost too easy to just grab the trusty I pod, snag a play-list of your best tunes (or an audio book), and row your butt off for 45 - 60 minutes each day.
  5. They give you an excellent aerobic workout while building strong core muscles.
  6. The rhythmic nature of rowing has a certain meditative quality that I personally enjoy, and meditation helps literally every area of your life.
So for anyone out there that feels too threatened by those "ripped and curled" folks at the gym, or perhaps you just can't get easy access to a gym nearby, it doesn't have to be that frustrating. If you're feeling like it's too confusing to start, or too much effort to even begin, well, forget the information overload and get simple. Simple works folks. The reality is that much of what you see and hear about as "the latest and greatest thing" is nothing more than a whole lot of marketing speak designed to separate more money from your wallet than lbs from your midsection. Getting your body and health back is truly no harder than getting up and moving in the direction of whatever home equipment you own. The principle of inertia will do the rest, if you are serious. Therein is the real kicker, because you have to GET SERIOUS about the change to make it happen.

Make the commitment to yourself and to your loved ones. Get a juicer, juice every day - twice a day. Get some home gym equipment (or join a gym). Get a good workout program, get moving, get it together, and GET HEALTHY!

Now for some Juicing Recipes Quick Wheatgrass Combos!
  • Wheatgrass and celery with a splash of tabasco
  • Wheatgrass and parsley
  • Wheatgrass and orange juice (makes for a very interesting color ;))
  • Wheatgrass and mint
  • Wheatgrass and cucumber

Words Fail Me

There just is nothing to say that could meaningfully express the loss we have been dealt today. RIP Michael.

Newsflash: You Have Allies in The Juicing For Health War!

Hi gang. I just wanted to quickly share something I've recently read about juice pulp, fraudulent behaviour, and the bloody outstanding people of New Zealand. It would seem that when you're juicing for health you can end up with friends in high places.

Let me momentarily digress. You see, as it has always been secretly known to nutritionists and juicing enthusiasts, there is an important difference between juices that are prepackaged and sold in the supermarket, and the juice that we all make at home using our super sexy juicing machines. For us nutritionists, trying to explain the in's and out's of how commercial juice companies dilute and bulk up their products is akin to trying to explain Paris Hilton's rise to fame. It's a losing battle on both counts. This is why we in the know normally keep quiet and patiently prod on about the superior benefits of juicing at home.

Anyway, back to the story. The long and short of it is that yes, a good deal of companies use the pulp from the fruits and veggies they juice to bulk up their packaged product, and therefore you end up getting far less of what you had intended to get when you laid down your hard earned cashola. Well hopefully no more, at least not in New Zealand. You can see the complete story here, but it essentially says that The Juice and Beverage Association of New Zealand has become savvy to the practice of bulking up store bought juice with pulp, and is leaning on these companies to stop doing it.

I for one say ... Good on ya mates!! I certainly hope that the rest of the world catches up to this and takes the regulation of watered down, bulked up store bought juices to an even larger scrutiny. If the FDA could keep a closer eye on this industry (like our friends south of the equator) we might not have to buy our own expensive juicers and juice our own fruits and veggies at home. Then again, in a perfect world it rains kittens and lollipops, and Paris Hilton is just another spoiled rich kid. ;)

At any rate, 'nuf said. Have a drink already!

Smooooth Skin
Serving: 1 large glass2 medium to large Carrots
1/2 red pepper
2 clementines


A Healthy Juicing Recipe For Father's Day!!!

No this won't be my usual long rant about how you should be juicing for health every day of your life. I won't guilt all fathers reading my blog into submission by mentioning how YOUR good health is the most important thing in your child's eyes. I won't even mention how your children feel secure knowing you will be there for them, and that juicing recipes for health will help you to be there for them for some time to come. Nah, I could say it, but I won't.

I also won't drag you into a pit of depressing misery on such a pleasant day - by explaining how each year you grow older without taking exact and proven steps to insulate your body from this world's harsh realities, you are a year more vulnerable to disease, malaise, wrinkles, a sore back, hip replacement, swollen prostates, e.t.c... I could. Really, but today I'll spare you.
  • factoid: Strategically and with a great deal of stealth, we here at Juicing Recipes have managed to mention things without admitting to mentioning things. I tell you, we're getting slicker here every day. :)
Instead I'll just tell all of the Fathers that read my fair and gentle blog HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

If you haven't a juicer yet, buy this one. Right now. Buy it from here to support my need to nag at you every so often. Otherwise go to the store and get it. Now. Buy it for your children, so that they can marvel at how well you take care of yourself.

If you haven't a proper manual then buy this 4 pack. Do it. Right now. If I haven't shown you that juicing recipes and healthy juicing prolongs life and increases health - well just leave a comment as to what else I can possibly do to convince you. I'll do just about anything to get you to make the healthy choice - minus harming kitties or drive recklessly blindfolded. Oh, and I don't wear thongs. I'm a guy for crying out loud!

So get cracking Dad!! Your health. Important. Crucial to your children.

Since I'm taking the rest of today to find 1047 different ways to make my son smile, I suggest you try the same. (After you get a juicer!!!) Try bungee jumping or ice skating! How about scuba lessons? I can guarantee the more potentially embarrassing it is to you, the more hilarious your kids will find it. Trust me, I tried fishing once with my 10 year old, and my falling out of the boat made him laugh incessantly for at least 8 months. :)

Cheers and Happy Father's Day!

  • 4 carrots
  • 1/2 beet
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 handful parsley
  • 2 apples
  • 1/2 pear
  • 1 handful grapes
  • 1/4 medium pineapple
  • 1/2 peeled lemon

Juicing For Health in 1 Move and A Few Baby Steps

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Why do us folks think that juicing for health will do anything besides waste time and injure our pocket book? It's nothing but a plot. So forget phytonutrients. Doritos work better. Vitamins? Minerals? Pfft... nonsense. Let's talk about something called the Twinkie Diet instead. Now there's a program I can get behind. You know I've even heard smoking Marlboro Reds is great for stress relief. And the bottom line is that all good juicers are expensive (really, check it out!), and juicing fruits and vegetables takes time, effort, and it's messy and a laborious task cleaning up.

OK OK, that is just one big crock of nonsense. But all kidding aside, if it's been in your mind lately to give yourself a fitness "reboot", then start by juicing. At least you can put off having the attitude that last paragraph describes.

Allow me to elaborate:

When you decide to do something productive about your health, yet you start with unrealistic ideals and no discernible plan (for example, joining the Navy Seals on a bet), it usually ends badly. It can either be slightly disappointing, or it can end somewhere close by inflatable lungs, MRI machines, and cross looking German doctors with names like Shnell or Nein.

It's not really that hard to figure out what does and does not work. Frustration, a gym membership, a trunk full of Muscle BeefHead magazines, and perhaps a bad back - that's what doesn't work. Juicing healthy veggies and fruits is what works. Yet more often than not we panic and run screaming down some crazy road or another, searching for health and youth. It usually happens this way because we glanced in the mirror one day and noticed that ever expanding gut, (or butt), and without thinking, run head long into a hasty, well intended catastrophe. Folks, seriously, the 30 minutes you waste each day waiting for some knucklehead to get off the only ab machine in a fitness center that looks more like a South Miami disco is far better utilized juicing some carrots, broccoli and apples.

Unless you have superhuman willpower and an affinity for the sort of senseless agony a gym can provide, eventually the uninformed panic routine will fail. Sure you have set out to be healthier, slimmer, fitter, yet your only real action is to completely inundate yourself with impulsive and poorly thought out exercise tasks, because it seems like that's what everyone in shape does. Uprooting your normal life, joining shiny gyms, buying ridiculous DVD programs, doing exercises that not only make you uncomfortable and constantly sore, it can quickly leave you confused and bitter.

Don't ever write off helpful programs like the Truth About Abs and the Diet Solution Program as nonsense, because all along they've been working for years to truly achieve for others what you actually want... health and fitness! The  way I see it, the problem with a believing in a few links on a blog is that sometimes they don't seem as sexy as the stainless steel Elliptical machine, nor the Calvin Klein model that's always using it whenever you drive by the gym on the way to Haagen Dazs. What you may not realize is that Calvin Klein beefcake was likely just as bent out of shape as you are once, and he/she started out with the same boring links I just gave you, not the nuclear reactor programs at most gyms.

I feel for people that begin by jumping in the deep end without knowing how to swim. After all, drowning really sucks. Feeling inundated by the complexities of some gym equipment, the 2 hour power workouts from hell, doing sit ups until you're left with nothing but Post Traumatic Stress Disorder... all while remembering how and when to properly ingest 150 grams of protein/creatine hybrid that some knucklehead trainer was on about... well it's no small feat. It feels like quantum physics to the uninitiated. This is why I preach on and on about starting any health program by juicing for health first, then adding a quality nutrition program to augment your healthy "reboot". It is the perfect, small, few baby steps to the rest of your healthy and energetic life, and here's why:

Nutrition is at least 70% of the battle for a healthy body and mind, ask anyone in the know. In fact arguably, it's the most important part of a any physical exercise program designed to cut fat and build muscle. (more important than sets and reps? Like I said, arguably, yes). By making what I like to call "move #1", you can start to fight that battle for your health and feel the results quickly, without having spent a fortune at the Adidas store, and without having embarrassed yourself by wrapping your neck around the cable rower at some disco gym full of beautiful people.

Move #1? If you can count to 5 and are willing to spend your money the right way, it's dirt simple. Here it is, in 5 easy to understand baby steps:
  1. Buy a frikin good juicer. I'm serious. Stop thinking you may "one day", and get one today. If you own a clunker, upgrade. That link I just offered has the best juicer/blender in the entire history of time, at over $140.00 off. Deals like that don't fall out of the sky folks, and you're not getting any younger. If that's not incentive enough, how this: I've got sneakers that cost more than my juicer, and my runners don't include phytonutrients. 'Nuf said.
  2. For 7 days, while you're waiting for the juicer to be delivered, write down all the beverages you ingest, and when you ingest them. Don't change any habits yet, just write. I bet you'll come up with a good novel sized tome full of Lattes, Cappuccinos, Coca Colas, Beers, Nestle Quicks, Iced Lemon Tea, rum and cokes, e.t.c... 
  3. On the 8th day, replace every last one of those beverages with juices that you make from your seriously sexy juicer, (yep, that's another "get it done already" link). And don't forget that when you're not drinking juice, water is also your friend.
  4. Keep drinking only juice and water - veto any other beverage for exactly 4 weeks, even if it drives you totally frikin batty and you crave like a chain smoker on a transatlantic flight.
  5. On day 15 of the 4 weeks, fire up the Diet Solution Program and follow it.
 Listen, it's only 5 weeks total. It's not the peace corp or the French Foreign Legion. It's 5 frikin weeks. 1 week of figuring out what you normally drink, 2 weeks of not drinking it, and 2 weeks of eating what you're supposed to eat, while still NOT drinking nuclear waste. The Twinkies and Beer will still be there after 5 weeks, yes? Tony Roma's and Chili's will still have Ribs, Deathburgers, and milkshakes. So, how about it? Willing to give it a go?
    That's it. Move #1 takes 5 weeks and will put you on the road to feeling healthier whether you like it or not. You can kick and scream the whole way, whine and moan the days away. But if you suck it up, take those 5 steps and do it for 5 weeks, it's gonna work.

    Huh? No Way! Too Simple
    Why will that work on it's own? I know you're asking, I can hear it. (this blog has special psychic software installed ;)) You see, the initial benefits of this 5 week nutritional "reboot" is that your body will start to appreciate being treated with respect, and it will manufacture some pretty unexpected energy and vigor for you to marvel over. That new energy becomes momentum, because momentum is the natural expression of unexpended energy. It's within that momentum that you'll find yourself salivating, and not for buffalo wings. Nope, you'll be hopped up and craving The Truth About Abs program like a hockey player craves the Stanley Cup. But I digress, that's Move #2, and we really don't need to get ahead of ourselves.

    The other unexpected benefit of Move #1 is that you learn about nutrition by default as you juice vegetables and fruits and get an education through the Diet Solutions. You'll discover the ridiculous sugar content in most prepackaged foods, and you will get an eye-opening education on the nutritional value of pretty much everything you have been eating all these years. And some of that education is truly mind blowing. Well informed is well armed.

    The way to lasting improved health involves many in a series of baby steps, all meant to ease you into a more healthy routine, and provide your mind and body with the necessary time to slowly adjust and work with you, not against. Slow and steady always wins this kind of race, folks. So before you set out to find Lance Armstrong's personal trainer and sell your mini-van for an exclusive membership to some Iron Uber Trainer Mixed Martial Arts Doom Camp, start off by making some simple juicing for health recipes. Get a good juicer and a good nutrition guide, and have at it. In 5 weeks, you'll want to have this blog post inducted into the Uber Cool Hall Of Fame. Seriously.

    "Move #1" works, without fail. 'Nuf said.

    Once you agree to the above commitment to yourself, here are some excellent recipes I've recently come across that can leave you basking in a sea of tasty good health. However, if you don't think it's a good idea to try what I've outlined above quite yet, just mash up some Lays Chips and Beer in a blender, and have at it. I mean, no point in doing things half way right? ;)

    Orange-Grapefruit-Lemon Juice:
    • 1 orange,
    • ¼ grapefruit,
    • ¼ lemon with skin.
    Remember to discard the peel from the orange and grapefruit, leaving as much of the white pith on them as possible 

    Carrot-Cabbage-Celery Juice:
    • 2 carrots,
    • 1 3-inch wedge of cabbage,
    • 1 stalk of celery

    Apple-Pear Juice:
    • 2-3 apples,
    • 1 pear

    Apple-Strawberry Juice:
    • 3 Golden Delicious or other sweet apples,
    • 8 strawberries

    Apple-Ginger Juice:
    • 4 apples,
    • 1-inch knob of ginger root
    Apple-Kiwi Juice:
    • 2 apples,
    • 4 kiwis
    Apple-Orange Juice:
    • 2 apples,
    • 1 orange (peel and discard skin of the orange)
    Pineapple-Tangerine Juice:
    • 1, 1-inch thick pineapple round,
    • 3-4 tangerines (peel and discard skin of tangerine)

    Carrot-Celery-Apple-Beet-Wheatgrass-Parsley Juice:
    • 3 carrots,
    • 1 stalk celery,
    • 1 apple,
    • ½ beet with greens,
    • ½ handful wheatgrass,
    • ½ handful parsley (you can substitute 1 whole handful of parsley if wheatgrass is unavailable)

    Carrot-Cucumber-Beet Juice:
    • 2-3 carrots,
    • ½ cucumber,
    • ½ beet with greens.
    You can substitute ½ zucchini for the cucumber

    Carrot-Kale-Parsley-Apple Juice:
    • 5-6 carrots,
    • 4 kale leaves,
    • 4 sprigs of parsley,
    • ½ apple
    Carrot-Parsley-Potato-Watercress Juice:
    • 5 carrots,
    • 4 sprigs parsley,
    • ¼ potato,
    • 4 sprigs watercress


    I Traded My Juicer In For A Flat Screen... Almost

    The following is a guest post from a subscriber and regular reader Peter Gibson. You'll find his Interior Living Room site here. He has been juicing for 2 years now, and with my advice has grabbed a few fitness and cleansing products (this one's his favorite ;)) and adopted some juicing techniques that have - to date - helped him lose over 25 kg.

    Since this is my first guest post on Juicing Recipes I really felt I should share my first and biggest influence, the one thing that really turned me into a juicing fanatic. (Aside from this site that is :)) That one thing was The Juicing Bible (by Pat Crocker and Susan Eagles). No I'm not affiliated with the authors (as Phineas is prone to say) however you can grab your own copy via Amazon through any of the links provided on Juicing Recipes (or by clicking here, here, or here).

    Now you may be wondering why I would waste my introductory article here to rant about someone else's books and advice, so please keep reading and I'll try my best to explain.

    You see, not terribly long ago (in dog years) I bought The Juicing Bible book because I was wondering just how best to use a new, fancy juicer I received as a Xmas gift. There's a picture of my juicer somewhere within this post (again, all nicely linked to Amazon should you wish to purchase one for yourself).

    When I first opened up the juicer I thought it was a partially assembled Death Star, complete with some sort of quasi nuclear reactor. It was expensive according to my brother (who always finds it necessary to mention his financial commitment to gifts). I immediately thought to myself "wow, here's something I can secretly refund and put the money towards a new flat screen!!". Once my brother shared the fact that this juicer could juice super-foods like wheat grass and goji berries, well I was thoroughly convinced that my larger screen TV dreams were about to come true.

    I need to qualify that back then I had become a lazy slob, and my brother knew it. That might not be such a big deal for some, except for the fact that for most of my adult life I've been involved heavily in physical activity. However, at or around my 35th year on planet Earth I had lost my energy and interest in so many things as my work in interior design overtook my entire life. I stopped playing racquetball with my mates, I'd lay around watching bad TV all day, I had Zero energy and couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I wish I could avoid mentioning that I also gained a spare tire that made me look oddly similar to Mr. Magoo. But I can't. My belly looked horrible and my skin became loose and just a big pile of whale blubber.

    It was at or around this point that my niece and nephew started calling me "Grandpa", and by adding insult to injury, that very same Xmas my wife put Geritol vitamins in my stocking - as a joke. Now I do love my wife a great deal, but deep down that just wasn't funny to me. Oh sure I laughed and hugged her, but secretly I fully realized I'd become listless and in poor spirits without ever knowing why. Heck, just walking upstairs to lay down in bed was a chore.

    Of course I went to the doctor in the new year to find out just exactly what in blue hell was wrong with me. As Doctors do, they offered me prescription after prescription in order to boost my energy level. Their various Diagnoses went from the sublime to the ridiculous. According to one GP I potentially had low blood sugar, another mentioned a possible thyroid condition, and yet another called it depression, or sleep apnea. Most of these conditions involved semi-extensive and invasive tests and expensive treatments, and I really didn't feel like being poked and prodded at that point.

    So, instead of taking back my Star Wars Juicer and filling up the medicine chest, I set out to try juicing on the advice of my brother in law. In his words "It'll fix you right up".

    Of course I had no idea how to juice oranges, let alone try an elaborate juicing regimen. Off I went to the Amazon site, where I grabbed The Juicing Bible. The book is exactly as the title represents. It is the bible on juicing. It makes for an excellent nutritional reference and espouses the many benefits of adding juice (in many a weird and great tasting combination) to you daily life - for a boost of energy and to improve the quality of life.

    So back to the question, why did I waste my first guest post promoting this book? It's simple. That book forced me, through the vast quality of information presented, to plug in my juicer and have at it. As such, it became my body's owners manual for 6 months. Without that book I would have been lost, even with the best of intentions. Like I said previously, when you get a juicer - either by choice or as a gift - it can be a tad intimidating - learning how to use properly and clean the parts when finished. If you don't know a smoothie from a rum and coke, figuring out what to juice can be slightly less difficult than quantum physics. With some things, trial and error is not the best way to go, and where juicing recipes is concerned, knowing what to juice is just about the biggest issue. With the advice listed in The Juicing Bible and other similar juicing manuals I was able to do it right the first time - all while keeping me from becoming bored with the process.

    The end result was that my energy level not only returned, it increased, and I haven't been a lazy slob since. It took roughly 2 weeks to feel the positive effects from daily juicing, but when it happened it was brilliant, shocking, and a total surprise One morning I simply woke up feeling as if I could run a marathon. Now, 2 years later I am 26kg lighter, my niece and nephew have to strain to keep up with me again, and the only spare tire I own is located in the trunk of my car.

    So if you're feeling like a half-sucked orange, before you start taking anti depressants and blowing a pay check on elaborate multivitamins, go and grab yourself a quality juicer and The Juicing Bible. It may just be the one thing you need to pick yourself up from that middle age slump. Worked for me.

    The Juicing Recipes Q & A, 2.0

    As time allows, or rather, ever so infrequently, the Juicing Recipes blog senses that the most popular and most pressing questions just need answers. I believe my last Q and A, written in 2007, answered some very similar questions to the ones I've received lately. In fact, most of the questions I receive here have a very common theme. Well, instead of being lazy and directing you to my 2 year old post I figure it is much more neighborly of me to try and clarify here, in the year 2009. (I'm nothing if not persistent).

    I need a good juicer. Which brand should I avoid?

    This one is easy. A poor juicer is defined by its' price tag. Unfortunately you get what you pay for with juicers. While I can't give you specific brands to avoid, I can tell you that if you see something for sale at anything under, say, 70.00 USD, run screaming in the other direction. Having said that, if you only have x amount to spend, I would much rather you get a decent blender and save up for your juicer. A blender will make it harder for you to juice many items, but at least you will get a start on juicing and have an appliance that won't burn out in 6 months.

    Is fasting with juices unhealthy?
    Hell no, in fact going on a juice fast for 5 to 10 days is an incredibly good thing to do for your body. Fasting cleans your body of toxins, it "Reboots" your metabolism and clears your head (and bowels). Note that I'll be detailing juice fasting in a future post.

    A good juicing fast can actually change your life. I personally fast twice each year, using juices to augment the nutritional requirements. I love it so much I recently wrote a detailed, step by step juicing fast Ebook. Because my book is being sold exclusively on another website I can't promote it here at "Juicing Recipes" (for another six months or so). However, I can tell you that I was initially inspired to complete my first juice fast thanks to the book "Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life". This book is also an excellent read, it's cheap @ 10.00, and will give you a good companion to any juice fast.

    Fasting itself is not an easy task and definitely one you will want to prepare for. At or around the 3rd day you will feel misreable, that I can guarantee. Think - headaches, sore throat and hyper sensitivity to happy people. However once the horrid toxins start to make their way out of your body, the change in your mental and physical clarity is literally breathtaking. When you alleviate the suffering your body faces from the every day constant barrage of toxicity, you WILL come out of a fast feeling like you could leap over a mountain. This I can also guarantee.

    What is the best juicer and how much will I have to pay?
    What I continually recommend for juicers are all manufactured by Breville. One day they should really start paying me to promote their products (disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to Breville in case you think I'm trying to be "Joe the Salesman" here)

    Breville is a company makes a superior product to anything else I have owned or reviewed in my entire juicing life. The Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional is what I personally use. It is to juicers as the Bugatti Veyron is to automobiles. This thing could likely juice my coffee table (if I ever discovered hidden vitamin benefits from a coffee table). It's pricey for sure, but it really is a sexy and Uber-capable juicer.

    If you are operating on a smaller budget, the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite works perfectly. My Mom uses this model and hasn't complained in 4 years. It's a significant drop in price from my model and still gives you tons of bang for your buck. In fact I should say this is my #1 recommendation, the JE900 is for those of us that need extra oomph.

    If you can't afford either of these units, the one I recommend the least is the Breville XXJE95XL. It is a good, quality product but if you buy this and start juicing on a regular basis, you will become dissatisfied with its' limits. It is limited to 2 speeds, it is small(ish), and certain hard fruits and veggies will give it a run for its' money.

    After I juice there's a ton of pulp left over. Is this stuff useless?
    Hell no. (As you can tell I like to say that) Pulp is exteremely high in dietary fibre. You can add the juicer pulp to meal recipes to increase the dietary fibre levels of said recipes. Adequate levels of dietary fibre are sadly missing in western diets, and as a result causes many digestive disorders. Just as a quick example, carrot and apple pulp muffins are a delicious way to utilize leftover pulp and add fibre to your diet. Carrot cake is a traditional recipe that can easily be converted to Carrot Pulp Cake. There are tons of recipes that utilize pulp in foods. I'll certainly try and throw some up here now that I know people are interested.

    Pulp is also beneficial as compost. If you garden and grow your own vegetables and fruits, firstly let me congratulate you on being awesome. Secondly, the pulp from your juices can act like a mulch. That I even know this makes me feel like I should be wearing overalls and riding my horse and buggy, but oh well. :)

    Well that's a beginning. There were plenty of other questions that I'm sure I will get to soon enough. Remember, don't go cheap on your juicer, don't be afraid of doing a juice fast, and don't throw away the pulp from your juicing recipes.

    BTW, here's a great juicing recipe for your heart.

    • 1 Bunch of Asparagus
    • 1 Handful Colard Greens
    • 2 Stalks Celery
    • 1 Carrot
    • 1 Apple
    • Add Gardentrio
    courtesy of ezjuicers


    Juicing Recipes That Cleanse Your Colon

    There must be a sale. Either that or there has been a major colonic breakthrough on the news that I've missed by being stuck in the gym for the past week. I've had at least a dozen juicing recipes emails from my readers regarding colon cleansing, asking about or touting its' benefits, or inquiring as to how it can help them to lead a healthier life.

    What is a colon cleanse? Well it's really simple. Since the colon is essential to your well being - for the elimination of toxins and your bodies waste products - it is a bodily function that gets a lot of wear and tear (not literally of course). The smaller intestine is situated below the stomach and liver and is the major part of our digestive tract. Now this statistic may just blow you away, but did you know that the total surface of the gastrointestinal system is about six thousand square feet? Yep, I am not joking.

    So one would think that a set of organs so massive would need some sort of regular cleaning to work at optimum capacity, and one would, of course, be right. When we are overloaded with toxins, our glandular and immune systems are suppressed, which lowers our normal temperature and our craving for water. Bad bacteria thrive in the intestines and produce ammonia, which lowers the pH. The lower pH in the colon or intestinal tract creates an environment for parasites. I could go on, but is that really necessary? You should be running to my handy and helpful juices and links already since I mentioned the words "parasite" and "intestine" in the same sentence.

    As an FYI, here's some reasons why juicing recipes can help ease any persistent nightmares about aliens growing inside your stomach.
    • Carrots can help an inflamed colon.
    • the skin of apple contains pectin, which help remove noxious substances from the system. Pectin helps to prevent protein matter in the intestines from spoiling.
    • The juice of a lemon is a natural antiseptic, it will help destroy harmful bacteria.
    • Celery has been known to help in diseases of the kidneys, pancreas, liver and gallbladder.
    • Cucumbers contain Erepsin, an enzyme that helps to digest protein.
    • Honey is just a great super food and contains many nutrients that help your digestive tract in many ways.
    So, as opposed to inundating you with all the things that can be wrong inside your digestive engine, here's a juicing recipe to help you cleanse your colon using the properties of the items involved. Alternately (or additionally, depending on how ambitious you are) you'll find a great colon cleansing 7 day kit here and a colon cleansing treatment here. Both come highly recommended.

    Colon Cleansing "Power Juice" Recipe

    • 1 red apple
    • 1 medium size carrot
    • 5 slices of cucumber
    • 1 stalk of celery (optional)
    • 1 big glass of cold water
    • 1 tbsp of honey or 1 tsp of muscovado sugar
    • A juice from one lemon if you want a sour flavor or 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar.


    Mix the apple (the greener, the better), stalk of celery, carrot, five slices of cucumber, lemon juice and honey or sugar in your juicer (or a blender) with ice cold water. Puree into a shake.

    Drink immediately before it oxidizes.

    recipe courtesy Forever @ Colon-Cleansing-Power-Juice-Recipe

    You may also consider a colonic irrigation, or visit one of the many spas that caters to colon cleansing. All in all, it is extremely important to keep your intestines healthy. Although the subject of your colon may conjure up all sorts of embarrassing problems or potential compromising situations, the methods you can use to maintain a healthy digestive tract are really not that intrusive, and the benefits are great and many. So run off now, make that juicing recipe, and give your colon a break.

    The Steven Hawking of Juice Blogs!

    First off, I am becoming a blogging expert (not!!)

    Yes I have now just discovered how Stumble Upon, Digg and all those other happy-crappy and fabulous social bookmarking sites can make life on the net a big wonderful piece of chocolate cheesecake. Yes, that's kinda like announcing in a press release that I've just invented the wheel - at a sports car convention - but we all have our issues. So I'm behind the learning curve, sue me. I used to fight Muay Thai and play hockey for crying out loud! I'm allowed to be a little slow, yes? Look at the last Rocky film, he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

    At any rate, the reason I bring this up is because apparently I am now to ask all my gentle and faithful readers to click the fancy buttons I have toiled hours over to add to the blog, so that it gets me popular with all the cool kids. So, if you like my humble home on the web, please add me to google reader and twit the post. Soon to come will be the inevitable stumble and digg buttons, just you wait and see.

    And just for doing so, here's another fantastically entertaining video! Cheers!

    Yes, that video has about as much to do with juicing as a coat hanger has to do with flying elephants, but I just thought it was the type of juicing video I would do, if I ever decided to do a youtube impression of Jack Lalanne. Only problem is I have no idea how to beat box.

    I can't leave it at that, so here's a fantastic great juicing recipe I'm sure you will love.

    Ginger Ale Juice
    • five stalks of celery
    • one-quarter inch piece of fresh ginger
    • one ping-pong-ball-sized red beet
    • The greens from 2 beets
    • two long, skinny lacinato kale leaves
    • one medium-sized pear, minus the seeds (reserve thin slices for garnish)
    • Optional: fizzy mineral water
    1. Juice the produce
    2. Pour into glasses
    3. Garnish each glass with a thin slice of pear.
    This is mild-tasting and resembles ginger ale. (If you want it fizzy, mix the juice with carbonated mineral water.)

    Anyway, I hope you found the video as hilarious as I found it, and I know you'll like the juice as much as I do. Cheers again, and don't forget to click my brand new nice and shiny buttons below!

    *Stay tuned, because something special is about to happen here at Juicing Recipes, and no that won't be an announcement that I finally learned how to spell properly. There are some things that shall always remain sacred 'round here.

    Juicing Recipes Video Classic

    It's feature video time again. It's also him again. Jason Vale that is. I've featured this overly energetic dude more than once on the juicing recipes blog. The guy just rocks if you ask me, and BTW I have absolutely no affiliation - I just think he's an incredibly gifted man at convincing us all why it is important to juice.

    Having said that, if you can watch the video that follows and not feel a compelling urge to run to the kitchen and juice everything in sight, well you have to be an alien from the planet Potato Chip.

    Jason's books and products are available here, or anywhere that can claim to be a juicing recipes site worth a salt. Let's face it, the guy is infectious and a testament to the benefits of juicing as a way of life.

    I actually took his advice and went on a juicing spa retreat in Montenegro last year and that experience was nothing short of brilliant. If you want information on that retreat, email or leave a comment and I'll give you the 411. That link above contains a video explaining the retreat, and you can guess who's hosting it.

    OK, so if you have watched that video and still don't have a juicer or a proper juicing recipes book, click here for a juicer and here for the penultimate recipe book. Get your juicing lifestyle started today, your body, mind, spirit, skin will all thank you for it.

    Juicing Recipes Has A Makeover!!

    Greetings to all my subscribers used to my old and very monotonous site design. I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know the site has been redesigned from the ground up. It is a work in progress, so you may see things change here from time to time.

    It has been over a year since I started this site, and since the web changes so rapidly I assume that's the equivalent of around 140 human years. So I figured I would spend some time sending the juicing recipes blog to the gym, to the plastic surgeon, and eventually to the salon.

    And so it's back in a brand new and far slicker theme (if I do say so myself). Welcome to the big reveal! (Whoa, I definitely watch too much reality television!) Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or 10 and let me know if this design is easier on your eyes than the last look. In my worst case scenario you may think it's absolute rubbish, but even if that is the case I truly want to hear about it so I might continue to improve on things as 2009 unfolds.

    As some of my readers already know, I also write for a major fitness magazine, but contractually I can't link it here or mention it - without fear of being whisked away by men in black and being tortured within an inch of my life. However, I have to mention that the the site layout of that magazine's online division doesn't look anywhere near as sexy as my new design. LOL!! Wow, I actually feel like a proud parent. Is that bad?

    Btw have you had your juice yet today? If not, try this one:

    Heavenly Health

    2 carrots
    1 sweet potato
    2 apples
    thin slice of Spanish onion
    pinch dulse powder

    All Juice Should Be Green, Sometimes...

    They call it "green juice", which begs the question who are they? Do they live on a mountain somewhere, dictating to us what is and is not correct? Are they a band of Greek Gods, sustaining their existence by ingesting only pure and untainted wisdom? Do they juice?

    I mean after all,
    they say you should always eat your veggies, and they are right. Which brings me back to the question, who are they? And how did they always seem to know that you should eat your veggies? These are the questions that I seek to answer here at the good old Juicing Recipes blog ;).

    Anyways, people have coined the term "green juice" to imply, oh I dunno, juice that is green in color. So in a conscious attempt to further the stereotype that "green" juices are better for you, here are some wonderful juicing recipes that will likely end up being green in color. I can guarantee you will enjoy them.

    Potassium Juice

    3 carrots
    3 stalks celery
    ½ bunch spinach
    ½ bunch parsley

    Ginger Root Boost

    1 inch slice ginger root
    Juice from 1 fresh lemon

    6 carrots with tops
    1 seeded apple

    High Blood Pressure Reducer

    2 garlic cloves
    1 handful parsley
    1 cucumber
    4 carrots with tops
    2 stalks celery

    Yummy Green Drink

    ½ bunch spinach
    2 big kale leaves
    ¼ cup OJ
    1 small banana
    1 kiwi

    Homemade V8 (6 glasses)

    6-8 tomatoes
    3-4 green onions with tops
    ½ green pepper
    2 carrots
    2 stalks celery with tops
    ½ bunch spinach
    ½ bunch parsley
    2 lemons (just the juice)

    Cleansing Veggie Broth


    3 carrots
    3 kale leaves
    2 celery
    2 beets
    1 turnip
    ½ bunch spinach
    ½ head cabbage
    ¼ bunch parsley
    ½ onion
    2 garlic cloves

    recipes courtesy

    In my relentless research to find out who
    they are, I have inadvertently come across a wonderful video demonstrating the power and efficiency of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer. You needn't bother using the info on the video to order one, as I have diligently provided links within this post so you can purchase one at a significant discount. Click the product title above, click here, or click the fancy shmancy picture I've provided at the start of this post. In doing so you will be whisked away to the wonderful world of Amazon wherein you will find all things related to juicing and/or anything else you may have in mind.

    Seriously, how and when you purchase one is entirely your decision, I'm just here to help get you a juicer and get off and running to a better and healthier lifestyle.