Juicing For Health Longevity Series: Wheatgrass

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Unless I decide to write a novel here and now, any benefits from wheat-grass that I can list in a single article is merely scratching the surface. There are so many positive health benefits from the ingestion of this substance in your juicing for health lifestyle that it could really boggle the mind. For me to say it's nutritious is a massive understatement. To say it is helpful to cleanse and detox your body is like saying a new Ferrari is useful for driving the speed limit. If I were to tell you that it's extremely helpful in weight control and weight loss, again, it barely illuminates the awesome benefits of this super-food. In fact, if I were to say that wheat-grass is one of the healthiest substances on earth, it wouldn't be an exaggeration at all.

Let's just examine some of uses for wheat-grass juice:
  • 19 amino acids (yep, you read that right... 19!)
  • chlorophyll (read on to find out why chlorophyll basks in a sea of awesomeness)
  • minerals (over 90, in high concentrations, including the heavy-hitter alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium)
  • vitamins (can anyone say "way to go Captain Obvious"?)
  • enzymes (protease, transhydrogenase, cytochrome Oxidase, lipase, e.t.c...)
If 1 ounce of this wonderful substance equals 1+ kg of green veggies, more even than a full serving of Popeye's favorite muscle grower, then seriously, what more is there to say to convince you to run out THIS SECOND and buy a wheat-grass juicer to get your act in gear? Wait though, because 1. You can get a quality wheat-grass juicer right here on Ye Old Juicing Recipes For Health site (at seriously discounted prices); and 2. of course I still have more to say... any of my regular readers have already figured out that I am nothing if not consistently mouthy. :)

So you may be asking, what else can some frikin' grass do for my health? Ha. So much more, my fair and gentle reader, so much. This super-food assists in the production of red blood cells, and those little suckers are the entire body's oxygen delivery system, your very own molecular version of the UPS guy. So needless to say that oxygenating every o
rgan you have will combat fatigue during exercise, as well as shore up your defenses against those pesky little environmental issues like pollution and carbon monoxide.

Also, some of you may remember high school, when you first learned about this thing called haemoglobin. If not, haemoglobin is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloproteins in the red blood cells of all vertebrate. (Thanks Wikipedia ;)) What high school didn't teach you, (at least not my high school) is that chlorophyll is just about identical to haemoglobin under a microscope. What this means is that our body's engine finds it markedly easy to transform chlorophyll into haemoglobin and offer our system a serious increase in red blood cells, and as a result, oxygenation.

Is there anything not technical to be said for chlorophyll, and why it is to health as a Fender Stratocaster was to Jimmy Hendrix? Yes. Put it this way, chlorophyll normalizes blood pressure, it energizes the body via alkalizing the blood, and it is like a smart bomb attack on environmental issues such as pollution, that can make us unhealthy just from simple proximity.

Can you say "amino acids" 5 times fast?
Amino acids, to be Captain Obvious yet again, are what builds protein, which in turn helps muscle and cell growth as well as maintenance. Need I say more? Not really, but I will. Wheat-grass is a thorough and complete protein source, and this is why many athletes juice it daily.

Plainly I could go on and on, as I said, a novel would cover it's benefits; maybe. It helps fight and cover our butts against illness, acting as our immune system's very own can of Red Bull. It detoxifies the body, cleaning out our system of free radicals, these tiny tyrants being the mortal enemy of longevity. It helps your digestive system break down and eliminate toxic waste. It clears up and elasticizes the skin. In fact, soon enough I'm gonna head into the juicing for health labs and experiment on using wheat-grass to fuel rocket ships to Mars. What I'm saying is that there are such a myriad of benefits from juicing wheat-grass that to NOT be juicing it regularly is doing a great disservice to your own quest for improved health and longevity.

So where do I get wheat-grass and how do I juice it?
The questions abound at this point. Many of you might be wondering "where do I get wheat-grass?"; "Does it grow on my front lawn?"; "How do I get that good stuff in my body most effectively?". The short and not s
o brilliant answer is to grab a supplement. A few of the organic and reputable brands can be found here and here. Having said that, supplements are a silver medal to wheat-grass juicing Gold, second place to actually grabbing your own grass (from any health food store worth it's salt) and juicing it in a juicer specifically designed for the purpose. And of course, you can grow your own wheat-grass with very little effort, in your own kitchen.

Your normal veggie and fruit juicer likely won't juice wheat-grass effectively, for reasons I won't get into here. Some of the best grass juicers might be available at certain appliance stores; maybe. In some parts of the universe they can be hard to find, minus a special order. Amazon has a few excellent Wheat-grass juicers, both manual and electric. The best I've found, and the one that sits in my own kitchen (right next to my Uber cool Breville) is the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center. You would do well to click that preceding link, or head here and grab one, since you can save $81.00 (or 24%) from the retail price, as opposed to buying from the store down the road. Here's some pictures of manual and electric wheat-grass juicers, with click-able links for more info.

It's not really of import to me where or how you grab your grass juicers, I make literally pennies from selling this stuff on my site. My biggest concern is that
you see the vast benefits wheat-grass will offer your juicing for health lifestyle, and you get up off your butt and grab the tools you need for your very own daily dose of Uber-Super-food.


Juicing Recipes For Health Longevity Series: The Colon Cleanse

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Hopefully all you Juicing Recipes for Health nuts had a most excellent New Years, used my recipes to cure your hangovers, and are now 25 + days into your juicing and healthy lifestyle again. The new year is the perfect time for renewed energy and for focusing on overall health improvements.

Today's post marks the first in a series I'm completing that really explains the benefits of juicing for health and for why it can be a critical component to helping yourself maintain an energetic and vital life.

And so we arrive at the colon (yes, that is possibly the most disturbing sentence ever). I'll say it before you... "ewww gross". Admittedly, the colon is not the most attractive conversation topic, and certainly one to avoid at the dinner table, or upon any surprise visits by the Queen. Nonetheless, understanding how critically important the colon is to proper health is of utmost importance to anyone searching for health and longevity. So at the risk of being, yes, "ewww gross", it's a subject necessary to touch on occasionally or I'm not doing my job.

The colon is such an under appreciated system in the body, even by the most health oriented people. Having said that, understanding why it's important to keep the colon in tip top shape is a simple matter of understanding that any issues and problems with digestion can be of paramount importance to maintaining continuing good health, and that any problems in this area can be extremely dangerous to a person's longevity and health efforts.

The colon is the place where waste and toxic matter is gathered before being evacuated from the body, so having a colon that can properly absorb nutrients and then pass the remaining waste is extremely necessary. Without the colon operating at it's peak capacity, the risk of poisons remaining in the body is present, causing a condition known as auto-intoxication as the body is forced to reabsorb the harmful materials that accumulate. This occurs when the remaining waste is absorbed by the colon walls and redistributed through your body, through the bloodstream, damaging almost every organ in one way or another.

At this point I could go on and on about the functions of the colon, but it's of no real consequence to getting the help you may need. Anyone in their right mind should understand by now how critical a properly working colon is to your quest for better health. In order to ensure your colon is being taken care of, it's always smart to occasionally commit to a colon cleanse, and one extremely beneficial therapy for a clean and well performing colon is by juicing certain vegetables and fruits. By applying various juicing recipes for health you can offset any potential issues as the phytonutrients and enzymes in juices do their work flushing your colon of poisons and putrefied waste.

Aside from just vegetables, fruits such as lemon, lime, apples, e.t.c... are also known as very effective foods for colon cleansing.See the below guide.

There is a few qualifications to properly juicing for a colon cleanse, the most important being that you must always drink your juice fresh, as soon as possible after making it. Any long exposure to air oxidizes the juice and destroys important enzymes. This rule is basically important to juicing in general, not just for helping to heal the colon. Having said that, the enzymes present in fresh juices are critical to a proper colon cleanse. This is why you often see any juicing enthusiast drinking his recently made concoctions within moments of making and pouring. Enzymes and phytochemicals are considered the most important elements and benefits from juicing, so it's only natural to assume that storing your juice - thus allowing air exposure to hurt the juicing for health benefits - will have less of a positive and desired end result for your efforts.

This should be a pretty short explanation, since it's an easy concept to grasp. Fiber is the part of a food that cannot be digested, and as such, as it passes through the digestive system it acts as your very own personal roto-rooter. It is to your intestines as the broom is to a dirty kitchen floor. As fiber passes through your body it gathers and moves along many poisons, toxins, and other wholly unnecessary crud from the body. An excellent source of fiber is by eating raw and unpeeled fruits whenever possible.

The following veggies and fruits have been shown to provide the most benefits to a colon cleanse. Once a juicing therapy is decided upon, juices made from these vegetables should be consumed twice daily, for the length of your colon cleanse:


  • beets, carrots, sprouts, artichokes, eggplant, kale, capsicum

  • kiwi, mango, pineapples, papaya, apples (skin intact), lemon or lime

As juicing recipes go, any combination of the above foods will work to assist a colon cleanse, providing you the best chance to get it right and help your colon do it's job properly. I find that by experimenting with some or all of the above I can usually end up with a combination that tastes fantastic as well as being extremely beneficial. If your pallet has any aversion to the above foods, try adding honey to the recipe. Honey is a certified Uber cool super food, and good for you no matter how you get it in your system. It usually makes just about anything taste good and for some reason it's very effective as a flavor enhancer in juices.

There are other fruits and vegetables out there that are beneficial to a colon cleanse, the above is just a basic starting point. If you are considering a serious colon cleanse in the near future, keep an eye out for my new book. Within the pages is a detailed 10 day colon cleanse, complete with a daily walk-through to make it as easy as possible to accomplish the cleanse.

Below is a short video that explains a few things regarding a proper colon cleanse. The lady in the vid certainly doesn't provide any real clarity, in fact it's almost entirely useless as a guide to cleansing, but the tiny bit of advice she does provide is of import and should be considered before you start. Cheers!