The Steven Hawking of Juice Blogs!

First off, I am becoming a blogging expert (not!!)

Yes I have now just discovered how Stumble Upon, Digg and all those other happy-crappy and fabulous social bookmarking sites can make life on the net a big wonderful piece of chocolate cheesecake. Yes, that's kinda like announcing in a press release that I've just invented the wheel - at a sports car convention - but we all have our issues. So I'm behind the learning curve, sue me. I used to fight Muay Thai and play hockey for crying out loud! I'm allowed to be a little slow, yes? Look at the last Rocky film, he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

At any rate, the reason I bring this up is because apparently I am now to ask all my gentle and faithful readers to click the fancy buttons I have toiled hours over to add to the blog, so that it gets me popular with all the cool kids. So, if you like my humble home on the web, please add me to google reader and twit the post. Soon to come will be the inevitable stumble and digg buttons, just you wait and see.

And just for doing so, here's another fantastically entertaining video! Cheers!

Yes, that video has about as much to do with juicing as a coat hanger has to do with flying elephants, but I just thought it was the type of juicing video I would do, if I ever decided to do a youtube impression of Jack Lalanne. Only problem is I have no idea how to beat box.

I can't leave it at that, so here's a fantastic great juicing recipe I'm sure you will love.

Ginger Ale Juice
  • five stalks of celery
  • one-quarter inch piece of fresh ginger
  • one ping-pong-ball-sized red beet
  • The greens from 2 beets
  • two long, skinny lacinato kale leaves
  • one medium-sized pear, minus the seeds (reserve thin slices for garnish)
  • Optional: fizzy mineral water
  1. Juice the produce
  2. Pour into glasses
  3. Garnish each glass with a thin slice of pear.
This is mild-tasting and resembles ginger ale. (If you want it fizzy, mix the juice with carbonated mineral water.)

Anyway, I hope you found the video as hilarious as I found it, and I know you'll like the juice as much as I do. Cheers again, and don't forget to click my brand new nice and shiny buttons below!

*Stay tuned, because something special is about to happen here at Juicing Recipes, and no that won't be an announcement that I finally learned how to spell properly. There are some things that shall always remain sacred 'round here.

Juicing Recipes Video Classic

It's feature video time again. It's also him again. Jason Vale that is. I've featured this overly energetic dude more than once on the juicing recipes blog. The guy just rocks if you ask me, and BTW I have absolutely no affiliation - I just think he's an incredibly gifted man at convincing us all why it is important to juice.

Having said that, if you can watch the video that follows and not feel a compelling urge to run to the kitchen and juice everything in sight, well you have to be an alien from the planet Potato Chip.

Jason's books and products are available here, or anywhere that can claim to be a juicing recipes site worth a salt. Let's face it, the guy is infectious and a testament to the benefits of juicing as a way of life.

I actually took his advice and went on a juicing spa retreat in Montenegro last year and that experience was nothing short of brilliant. If you want information on that retreat, email or leave a comment and I'll give you the 411. That link above contains a video explaining the retreat, and you can guess who's hosting it.

OK, so if you have watched that video and still don't have a juicer or a proper juicing recipes book, click here for a juicer and here for the penultimate recipe book. Get your juicing lifestyle started today, your body, mind, spirit, skin will all thank you for it.

Juicing Recipes Has A Makeover!!

Greetings to all my subscribers used to my old and very monotonous site design. I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know the site has been redesigned from the ground up. It is a work in progress, so you may see things change here from time to time.

It has been over a year since I started this site, and since the web changes so rapidly I assume that's the equivalent of around 140 human years. So I figured I would spend some time sending the juicing recipes blog to the gym, to the plastic surgeon, and eventually to the salon.

And so it's back in a brand new and far slicker theme (if I do say so myself). Welcome to the big reveal! (Whoa, I definitely watch too much reality television!) Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or 10 and let me know if this design is easier on your eyes than the last look. In my worst case scenario you may think it's absolute rubbish, but even if that is the case I truly want to hear about it so I might continue to improve on things as 2009 unfolds.

As some of my readers already know, I also write for a major fitness magazine, but contractually I can't link it here or mention it - without fear of being whisked away by men in black and being tortured within an inch of my life. However, I have to mention that the the site layout of that magazine's online division doesn't look anywhere near as sexy as my new design. LOL!! Wow, I actually feel like a proud parent. Is that bad?

Btw have you had your juice yet today? If not, try this one:

Heavenly Health

2 carrots
1 sweet potato
2 apples
thin slice of Spanish onion
pinch dulse powder

All Juice Should Be Green, Sometimes...

They call it "green juice", which begs the question who are they? Do they live on a mountain somewhere, dictating to us what is and is not correct? Are they a band of Greek Gods, sustaining their existence by ingesting only pure and untainted wisdom? Do they juice?

I mean after all,
they say you should always eat your veggies, and they are right. Which brings me back to the question, who are they? And how did they always seem to know that you should eat your veggies? These are the questions that I seek to answer here at the good old Juicing Recipes blog ;).

Anyways, people have coined the term "green juice" to imply, oh I dunno, juice that is green in color. So in a conscious attempt to further the stereotype that "green" juices are better for you, here are some wonderful juicing recipes that will likely end up being green in color. I can guarantee you will enjoy them.

Potassium Juice

3 carrots
3 stalks celery
½ bunch spinach
½ bunch parsley

Ginger Root Boost

1 inch slice ginger root
Juice from 1 fresh lemon

6 carrots with tops
1 seeded apple

High Blood Pressure Reducer

2 garlic cloves
1 handful parsley
1 cucumber
4 carrots with tops
2 stalks celery

Yummy Green Drink

½ bunch spinach
2 big kale leaves
¼ cup OJ
1 small banana
1 kiwi

Homemade V8 (6 glasses)

6-8 tomatoes
3-4 green onions with tops
½ green pepper
2 carrots
2 stalks celery with tops
½ bunch spinach
½ bunch parsley
2 lemons (just the juice)

Cleansing Veggie Broth


3 carrots
3 kale leaves
2 celery
2 beets
1 turnip
½ bunch spinach
½ head cabbage
¼ bunch parsley
½ onion
2 garlic cloves

recipes courtesy

In my relentless research to find out who
they are, I have inadvertently come across a wonderful video demonstrating the power and efficiency of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer. You needn't bother using the info on the video to order one, as I have diligently provided links within this post so you can purchase one at a significant discount. Click the product title above, click here, or click the fancy shmancy picture I've provided at the start of this post. In doing so you will be whisked away to the wonderful world of Amazon wherein you will find all things related to juicing and/or anything else you may have in mind.

Seriously, how and when you purchase one is entirely your decision, I'm just here to help get you a juicer and get off and running to a better and healthier lifestyle.