Juicing Recipes Wants You to Eat More Turkey!!!

Hello to all the juicing recipes readers!! I've dusted off the blog to add a very gracious and heart felt Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and everyone who may stumble by.

I've been a busy bee with my first attempt at a template for this blog (this template isn't it BTW) and also looking into my own domain - as a result of the incredible amount of visitors I have been getting over the past month. So I can say I am thankful I decided to start blogging about my passion - which of course - is juicing (duh!)

So to everyone I say Eat, drink, and be merry, and look below for the inevitable reality check we all get after the dinner settles and the football game is over...

If that countdown scares you as much as it does me, you may wanna head over to one of my subscribers blogs about online Christmas shopping (yes that's the link). I'll be doing that right after I finish the dishes.

Prunes Are Good for You, Looking Like One? Not So Much

Skin care is extremely important in maintaining a healthy and youthful look. Thanks to a multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry there are hundreds of products out that will help you combat aging skin. Some people even mash up fruits and veggies and spread them over their face to help battle the ravages of time. However one of the most understated ways to achieve healthy looking skin is by simply juicing recipes that include veggies and fruits that are known to have beneficial skin care properties.

What you want to find are those fruits and veggies high in antioxidants as they combat the free radicals loose in our systems. Most of the recipes you already know of are beneficial to your skin, so if you are not concentrating on your skin per say, be assured that as long as you are juicing there's a good chance you are replenishing your skin by default.

BTW, free radicals are to skin as a power outage is to an ACDC concert, just so you know. To combat this menace, ingest any food item rich in vitamin A, C and E as these have excellent anti-oxidation qualities. To go nuclear on free radicals make sure you add a healthy dose of water (8 to 10 glasses every day) as water is a key ingredient for skin health.

Consider juicing the following to help in your skin care regimen:
  • plums, nectarines, peaches all have low glycerin compared to other fruits.
  • Antioxidants and natural acids in yogurt and most fruit will lightly and nourish the skin, so try adding some yogurt to your favorite juice next time.
  • Berries of all kinds have known antioxidant properties and are elements of natural anti-inflammation. They can be used to prevent and repair damaged skin. Berries also help to add great flavor to what may otherwise be a bland or poor tasting juice.
As I mentioned, pretty much any juicing recipes that include fruits and veggies are bound to have extremely beneficial qualities to your skin's health, but by adding some of the suggestions listed above you will be going that extra mile for your largest organ. :-)

Who Else Needs A Vacation?

Well, I have decided that it's almost time for my bi-annual vacation, and being the seasoned world traveler I have always wished myself to be, I wanted to pick a spot this year completely different from my usual haunts. (The usual haunts being my back yard or the pool at my brother's place ;)).

Being a little spoiled for choice this year thanks to my juicing detox book selling very well, there are so many places near by me that are ripe for a good visit for some exotic fruits, a few non local beers, and some picturesque white sandy beaches. In keeping with the tradition of expanding my horizons I decided on a little YouTube research to cruise the videos for a nice spa-ish retreat. 

Low and behold I came across my infectious buddy Jason Vale again, only this time his video gave me no new juicing epiphanies. Nope, the video below is about a juicing spa retreat and for an enthusiast like me what could be better? OK, a Lamborghini could be better, but that's besides the point. 

As an aside, I think this Jason Vale cat is creeping around the inside of my mind and it's freaking me out a bit. Besides the twilight zone factor, you can now take a moment and picture me jumping up an down for joy as my cat looks at me like I'm nuts, and also whipping out the credit cards to book my stay. Watch the video and you'll see what I'm sayin'. Oh, one question, where is Montenegro? Hmmm... google maps time I guess.

Again, please note that I have no current affiliation with Jason, but his infectious and utterly convincing philosophy on juicing recipes for health are fast becoming yet another reason I am so gung ho passionate about it as well.