Juicing For Weight Loss... Myth or Fact?

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 More often than not lately I've been receiving emails about using juices and juicing recipes for weight loss. Maybe that's because The Biggest Loser is a bloody popular show. Maybe it's because people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Either way, I love it when I see that people are sincerely looking for solutions to their health issues.

Since I've only barely touched on the concept in the past, here's my effort to explain the co-relation between juicing and weight loss, as well as some truly groundbreaking advice on how to properly and effectively shed pounds.

We now set off to examine the ubiquitous question: Can juicing really help me to lose weight?

The one word answer is yes. However life is rarely summed up by a one word answer, as most of us know. The longer, more detailed relation between juicing and permanent weight loss is this: juicing is a lifestyle change and so much more than just a specific method of shedding pounds. Of course by beginning your journey with an Uber awesome juicer + a juice fast followed by the award winning 14 day raw food diet (as I've recommended in the past), 2 things will happen fast: 1) you will lose substantial water weight quickly, and 2) you will re-boot your metabolism quicker than NBC cancels good TV shows. It should also become obvious that when you replace all those daily sodas+high sugar+high calorie beverages with home made juices, you offer your body not only a significant reduction in empty calories, but a consistent, vital nutrient boost. Where juicing is concerned, it is more within the entire nutritional outlook you adopt that allows you lasting weight maintenance/reduction benefits. There isn't a juicer alive who fails to watch their nutritional intake a lot more closely after they adopt juicing in their life.

Within my most recent emails, folks are simply asking how best to lose weight quickly, regardless of how it's done. In fact I always get these emails within the few short months before summer, or close to the holidays. Funny how that is ;). It's actually not funny, it's pretty obvious that the beach body, shirtless and/or bikini summers really do loom large no matter what time of year. I'd dare say it's more important to be concentrating on nutrition and juicing during the holidays, since that's notoriously the time when we all over eat to amazing proportions. Well folks, if losing weight and/or getting ripped is your main focus - now or come summer - regardless the technique, the next few paragraphs are all but crucial to point you in the right direction(s) and help you get well on the way to lasting health and weight management.

One of the best products for weight loss online I know of is, of course, The Truth About Abs. Don't let the name fool ya, it's easily as effective a weight loss program as it is for getting ripped abs - and it's customized for both men and women. It's an overall health home run, really. I'm almost sure you have seen the ads for T.A.A. all over the net; in fact I have my own little ad on this blog, which wouldn't be here if I didn't totally approve of this system having used it in my own training system. This program is among the top selling weight loss and ab sculpting courses available online, with bloody good reason. Plainly as I can put it, this program shrinks the mid-section radically. I highly recommend you at least check it out. By clicking this link (or the tiny ad - up and to the right ;)) there's a limited and Uber cool trial offer available, with a complete 60 day 100% guarantee. Not to mention the offer itself is already dirt cheap (exclusive to my site) - because I happen to know the developer personally.

All I can say is if you are looking to lose belly fat, the Truth About Abs program works like gangbusters. It is absolutely proven to shed belly fat in a proper way - and not by scamming you into some medically questionable pill solution or some wacky "ab machine" (you know, those awful infomercial-esque, medieval looking gadgets)
For overall weight loss and a nutritional "rework", I can't even begin to describe the massive benefits you will find within The Diet Solution Program. (Yes << that's a "check it out" link ;)) D.S.P. is another online best seller that helps shed pounds fast and in a healthy way. If I'm not mistaken Diet Solution has bested some extremely popular nutrition programs in both '09 and '10 University health and nutrition studies. This system is so good many trainers adopt it as a staple for their own programs (me included). 

Let me just qualify right now: I never steer my own clients or readers to anything that does not absolutely work when followed properly. My reputation is everything to me, both as a personal trainer and as a successful fitness writer. Quite simply, these two weight loss/nutrition programs are proven to be effective time and time again. I have seen both in action by implementing them within my own fat shredding programs as a personal trainer. In fact I dare say that most of my overweight clients, desperate to shed excess calories, have succeeded from a combination of myself, The Truth About Abs and The Diet Solution Program.

Having said all that, this is a juicing site, not a weight loss site. So here's what I say to anyone who has already decided to lose their weight through juicing: You should definitely begin your efforts with a juice fast. I have my own juice fasting and detox book, however it's exclusive - still - to a popular fitness magazine. Until I'm contractually released I can't promote it here on Ye' Ol' Juicing Recipes Blog. In the meantime if you want to find some very decent juice fasting programs there are some excellent books and manuals on the subject available at Amazon. For example, have a look at  The Ten Day Master Cleanse for all the right answers on effective fasting techniques - complete with goodies ;). I have the included manual for reference in my own research library, and while it's not anywhere near as sexy as my own juice fasting program (biased much???) it does an excellent job walking anyone interested through a good and safe juicing fast.

To be blunt/realistic about the subject of weight loss, losing and keeping off the extra pounds is an effort that takes real commitment and a solid work ethic. If it was easy, well folks, we'd all be Calvin Klein models. The worst way to attempt weight loss lay in trying to do so without the proper tools. It is a good way to get depressed, frustrated, and eventually give up, and it's for those reasons why I've offered the tools and programs mentioned above. Those systems and products provide inexpensively exactly what you need to help ensure results will come from your effort, not disappointment or frustration. Simply put, they work, as the juicing lifestyle works, without a doubt. Specific to juicing, aside from the weight loss benefits, it is easily one of the healthiest, quickest, and easiest lifestyle changes you can make, nutritionally speaking. The changes in your energy level and vigor alone is worth every penny you spend on juicers. Plus if you're a Starbucks addict like my wife was, you'll pay for your quality juicer in two months by simply replacing those expensive lattes with home made juice. Don't believe me yet? Ask this guy.

In the music business there's an expression used when trying to trace an audio problem. I only know this because I've trained a few musicians, (so don't expect my new CD coming out soon lol ;)). The saying is this: Input Equals Output. Folks, never forget that, because it is pure genius when talking about health and weight maintenance. Coffee, Coke or Pepsi, whole milks ... well just think about what this stuff is doing to the inside of your body! Consider for a second just how much better your body will feel when it gets beneficial vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, as opposed to empty calories and harmful narcotic and refined sugar substances such as caffeine, high fructose corn syrup,e.t.c... It's truly a no-brainer folks.

'Nuf said. You have what you need for an informed opinion (I hope). While you're looking over the links and posts above, below is my usual recipe addition. This one I often use for super fuel before a good work out. Hope you try it out!! (Add creatine to the mix if you're really hitting the gym hard)
Super Fuel

1/2 watermelon
1 lemon
5 oranges
1 can frozen pineapple concentrate



Etha said...

I think juicing is just one part of achieving your ideal weight, whatever that may be. I had no problems whatsoever with that, I just do not eat anything with refined sugar or "refined anything like flour etc". I go as pure and natural as I can and it has become a way of life for me. Lost (the last) 25 - 30 pounds at a rate of 1 pound a week, later 1 pound a month. I wasn't so heavy to begin with, but it stays off and I don't worry about it much. When you look around, it is amazing to see all the things that we are supposed to eat that have added sugar in them, just read the labels!

P Clik said...


You are so right! How many times I've had clients moan about not losing pounds only to find out they aren't paying attention to what they buy at the supermarket.

One person in particular was drinking green tea so much thinking it was oh so good for him. Come to find out the green tea he was buying had all sorts of refined sugar and preservatives added.

There's an eye opening quiz at women's health. Here's the link

Shows that people don't always realize what they are buying. :)

Tamara Holmes said...

When I first started juicing, I lost 10 lbs. the first month. I also had a lot of inflammation due to poor eating habits & processed food & all of the swelling & inflammation was gone within a couple of weeks. None of the excess weight nor inflammation has ever come back! http://juicinghealthy.com/2010/01/10/juicing-for-weight-loss/

John said...

Great blog! I love reading about natural solutions to health, and am a huge fan of juicing myself. I've seen amazing benefits since I began juicing.

I've been working out, so personally not trying to lose weight, though juicing is an excellent avenue to do that.

Chemist said...

I've been experimenting with a few different types of berry and citrus drinks to help give me more energy

hamilton beach juicer said...

making juice is a good choice for diet. It has less calory than carbohydrate.

Oster Juice Extractor said...

We know that apple is great for diet. it can subtitute carbohydrate. I also had a lot of inflammation due to poor eating habits & processed food & all of the swelling & inflammation was gone within a couple of weeks.

Brother Echo said...

I've personally lost weight by doing juice feasting but losing weight isn't what it's about for me, it's about cleansing and allowing my body to heal itself.


-Brother Echo

Vending Machines said...

Interesting read. I love juices (I buy them in vending machines before I go to work). I'm just wondering if bottled juices are also healthy?

P Clik said...

@Vending Machines - thanks for the comment. Looks like you'd have a good stake in bottling up the goodies haha! Don't know if you've been to Japan before, but they've got a vending machine for almost everything!

At any rate, in truth most juices lose their nutrient content to oxidation quickly, so I wouldn't recommend keeping any juices for much longer than it takes to make them and drink 'em up. The whole purpose for juicing is the nutritional blast you get.

If you must bottle it up, do so in an airtight container and try to consume it within 24 hours.

Vending Machines said...
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enfuegoinc said...

The volume of processed sugars placed into commercial Juices labeled as:
'100% Natural' or 'Only 100% Juice Included' are typically false. This is not currently regulated strictly by the FDA. Keep up the good work Juicing!

greg said...

I for one am all for the juicer diet. I did a juice diet for 3 weeks and lost a total of 13 lbs and I feel great.

SEO Ahmedabad said...

i love it.

Travis said...

Yeah, it makes sense. having a diet of mainly green juice is going carry much less calories. Mix that with an increase in activity and that equals weight loss. Juicing is so great!

Ana said...

I love juicing and use it conjunction with my weight loss and weight managment regime. I often add a nutrient dense powder to my juices for an added boost of nutrition and drink it as a meal replacement! Its so easy for me and a meal thats portable. My favorite juice blend is carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. So delicious! I have enjoyed reading your blog and will come back again. Thank you! http://weightlosssacramentoca.com/

MaxBurn said...

I love it when I see that people are sincerely looking for solutions to their health issues.

Val W said...

I just came across your site after purchasing my first juicer. I started conservatively making the apple, mango and orange juice and couldn't get enough! If all the juices are this tasty I can't wait to make more! Thanks!

Brainna Mcslacker said...

Love this Juicing article!
I can't afford to buy really expensive home gyms equipments; like Treadmill, ab machines etc, so I definitely use your suggestion.

greg said...

I did the juicer diet for a month and let me tell you. I lost 15lbs and have kept it off. I really enjoyed it as well. gave me a new meaning to the taste of foods and also brought some of my tasted buds back as well.