Newsflash: You Have Allies in The Juicing For Health War!

Hi gang. I just wanted to quickly share something I've recently read about juice pulp, fraudulent behaviour, and the bloody outstanding people of New Zealand. It would seem that when you're juicing for health you can end up with friends in high places.

Let me momentarily digress. You see, as it has always been secretly known to nutritionists and juicing enthusiasts, there is an important difference between juices that are prepackaged and sold in the supermarket, and the juice that we all make at home using our super sexy juicing machines. For us nutritionists, trying to explain the in's and out's of how commercial juice companies dilute and bulk up their products is akin to trying to explain Paris Hilton's rise to fame. It's a losing battle on both counts. This is why we in the know normally keep quiet and patiently prod on about the superior benefits of juicing at home.

Anyway, back to the story. The long and short of it is that yes, a good deal of companies use the pulp from the fruits and veggies they juice to bulk up their packaged product, and therefore you end up getting far less of what you had intended to get when you laid down your hard earned cashola. Well hopefully no more, at least not in New Zealand. You can see the complete story here, but it essentially says that The Juice and Beverage Association of New Zealand has become savvy to the practice of bulking up store bought juice with pulp, and is leaning on these companies to stop doing it.

I for one say ... Good on ya mates!! I certainly hope that the rest of the world catches up to this and takes the regulation of watered down, bulked up store bought juices to an even larger scrutiny. If the FDA could keep a closer eye on this industry (like our friends south of the equator) we might not have to buy our own expensive juicers and juice our own fruits and veggies at home. Then again, in a perfect world it rains kittens and lollipops, and Paris Hilton is just another spoiled rich kid. ;)

At any rate, 'nuf said. Have a drink already!

Smooooth Skin
Serving: 1 large glass2 medium to large Carrots
1/2 red pepper
2 clementines



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