Total Cleanse – What Makes Juicing so Effective for Health

The following is a guest post from Ed at Total Cleanse. Take some time to visit his site, it's a treasure of information!

Juice has long been popularized for its health benefits as well as its taste, but how much truth and real world benefit is there to juicing then... say... simply taking a multivitamin and buying store bought juice? The biggest and most important factor to this is something called “bioavailability”, which simply means how easily and proficiently the body can absorb the nutrients that’s being provided to it. Juicing has been found to be one of the most effective ways to transmit nutrients from source to body due to its' inherent freshness, and without all the food matter such as fiber that the body normally has to break down being present. This tends to promote the passing of vital nutrients instead of absorption.

This brings us to a key point here, fiber is extremely important to your diet, especially for maintaining a cleanse brought on by proper juicing. You simply don’t want to have fiber present when your juicing because you want all the vital nutrients to be fully absorbed and not blocked and passed by fiber. Hence the need to get your fiber from other sources like eating fresh fruit and veggies themselves and consume them without being juiced, and from whole grains, and other wholesome sources of fiber.

The other important factor here that contributes to overall “bioavailability” is the active and live enzymes present in the juice that contribute greatly to the absorption of juice after the fibrous material is separated. Store bought juices- even when lightly pasteurized - lose the vast majority of its enzymes due to their very delicate nature, and therefore most of the vitamins and nutrients still present in juice pass through your system with only minimal absorption, thus defeating its purpose (other than to provide a nice sugary beverage to enjoy). Also even if juice is not pasteurized or modified in any way, the active enzymes have a very short life span and die out quickly and should truly be consumed right after juicing for maximum benefit.

The reason vitamin pills and supplements don’t work too well is for similar reasons as the store bought juice, not only are these vitamins simply going into your system in the condensed form of a pill - thus lacking naturally occurring enzymes, they also are man-made or synthetic, and not nearly as beneficial as naturally occurring vitamins. So as you can see, juicing and then drinking fresh juice right afterward is truly the best way to get the most out of your juicing for health benefits, and it also tastes a lot better!

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