Juicing For Weight Loss: Proof Positive It Works!

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So juicing recipes for weight loss might seem a topic that fell victim to overkill long ago, but the guy in that << movie poster has just finished proven it certainly works. See, I've been spreading that word for a long time, and as a trainer I've seen the results of a proper juicing diet. But I never bothered to make a movie about it. 

(note to self: learn how to make movies!) 

Before I get started on a long winded post here, I'll stop. I don't need any long rants here, just need to hip my loyal and faithful readers to a wonderfully inspiring gentleman from Australia, Joe, who lost over 50 kg by consuming nothing but juice for 60 days. His story is awesome and his experience the physical manifestation of words I've been preaching here at Ye Ol' Juicing Recipes blog for years. 

Joe has been dubbed a "weight loss superhero" so head over and watch the news report on Joe by heading over to MSN. (Yes, that's the link.) Alternately here's Joe's website with a trailer for the movie he made about his juicing journey. The movie is called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", a title that seems to mirror how many people feel anymore, according to my email inbox. 

I would love to have included that video here, but alas, MSN doesn't play as nicely as youtube for embedding video.So folks, please head over to either the MSN report, or Joe's site and check out an amazing juicing for weight loss victory. It's just bloody inspiring. 

Oh, and if you look carefully in the news report you'll notice that's a Breville Juicer Joe's using! Ha! I told y'all I knew what I was on about! ;)



Going For Healthy said...

sorry this is a duplicate comment, I put it in the wrong place the first time...

Fat Sick and nearly dead is a GREAT movie. If anyone has not watched it you should!!!! This guy really knows what he is talking about. Love your post, keep up the good work. Thanks for the info. I've been juicing for a week now :)

enfuegoinc said...

Juicing is great for health; unless you have a permanent diet and exercise plan, nothing will work to keep added pounds off.

simon said...

I'm really interested in juicing. Its the clean up time that worried me though!- the first old juicer I got took forever to clean. I do think movie fat sick and nearly dead is great - though I also think some people will interpret it as meaning just carry on sitting on the couch not exercising but drink lots of carrot juice and you'll be fine. Which is not the idea of the film.

Mega Juicing said...

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