Who Else Needs A Vacation?

Well, I have decided that it's almost time for my bi-annual vacation, and being the seasoned world traveler I have always wished myself to be, I wanted to pick a spot this year completely different from my usual haunts. (The usual haunts being my back yard or the pool at my brother's place ;)).

Being a little spoiled for choice this year thanks to my juicing detox book selling very well, there are so many places near by me that are ripe for a good visit for some exotic fruits, a few non local beers, and some picturesque white sandy beaches. In keeping with the tradition of expanding my horizons I decided on a little YouTube research to cruise the videos for a nice spa-ish retreat. 

Low and behold I came across my infectious buddy Jason Vale again, only this time his video gave me no new juicing epiphanies. Nope, the video below is about a juicing spa retreat and for an enthusiast like me what could be better? OK, a Lamborghini could be better, but that's besides the point. 

As an aside, I think this Jason Vale cat is creeping around the inside of my mind and it's freaking me out a bit. Besides the twilight zone factor, you can now take a moment and picture me jumping up an down for joy as my cat looks at me like I'm nuts, and also whipping out the credit cards to book my stay. Watch the video and you'll see what I'm sayin'. Oh, one question, where is Montenegro? Hmmm... google maps time I guess.

Again, please note that I have no current affiliation with Jason, but his infectious and utterly convincing philosophy on juicing recipes for health are fast becoming yet another reason I am so gung ho passionate about it as well.

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jimmyzinz said...

This place looks great!! Nice video