Juicing Recipes Wants You to Eat More Turkey!!!

Hello to all the juicing recipes readers!! I've dusted off the blog to add a very gracious and heart felt Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and everyone who may stumble by.

I've been a busy bee with my first attempt at a template for this blog (this template isn't it BTW) and also looking into my own domain - as a result of the incredible amount of visitors I have been getting over the past month. So I can say I am thankful I decided to start blogging about my passion - which of course - is juicing (duh!)

So to everyone I say Eat, drink, and be merry, and look below for the inevitable reality check we all get after the dinner settles and the football game is over...

If that countdown scares you as much as it does me, you may wanna head over to one of my subscribers blogs about online Christmas shopping (yes that's the link). I'll be doing that right after I finish the dishes.

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