2 Key Secrets To Help Keep It Real in 2010

So it's almost Valentine's Day, 2010. Yep. I know I know, time is literally flying by. It happens. More so when you're older, but it happens. You blink and an entire month has passed.

So, let me ask, have you given up your New Years Resolution yet? If you haven't, here's a disheartening statistic to make you cry long into the night... 78% of people give up their New Year goals within the first 2 months. That's not my statistic BTW, it belongs to an accredited study by that major English University we all hear about.

Without analyzing in detail why people give up so readily, here's my take on the infamous New Year's Resolution. It can be a rare and unique opportunity - once every year - to change your quality of life for the better, yet sadly an opportunity that 78% will miss out on from the simple inability to persevere.

So my first message of 2010 to all my fair and gentle readers is ... don't contribute to that statistic! Aside from the obvious reasons why you should keep at your goals, Oxford professors are entirely too smug to be proven right yet again.

Get back on the bus already! I mean how many more New Year's do we all have left to get it right, really? To stop working on your health goals now is to give up on yourself, and you're also telling your loved ones it's time to save up for that eventual open heart surgery and the consequent experimental drug therapies you'll be needing. Seriously guys (and gals!) get whatever help is necessary, stick to your guns, and most importantly keep at it. Impatience is for wimps and giving up on your health is just plain wrong on so many levels. Your frustration at not seeing immediate results should only motivate you to work harder, to get the proper tools, and to get moving more. Results will come, results you will be bloody proud of, and results that will make you feel and look 6507% better than you do right now. (That's my statistic :)) Trust me, time and time again during my tenure I've seen people change their lives starting with nothing but a new year, so don't give up now.

Without further adieu, here's 2 very important secrets to help you get the job done.

Secret #1... Persistence is the greatest secret to success in health, and in life.
So many people give a New Year's health resolution a month or so, then they look in the mirror and give up over the frustration that they don't look or feel any different. Some will wonder why after a few weeks they still feel like crap - and in fact worse - from missing the foods they crave, or from the sore muscles a proper work out gives your body. Thing is, these hurdles are exactly that which has been defined for hundreds of years as the "no pain, no gain" process, and it's the one process you can't avoid if you want true success.

These stumbling blocks are also the exact reasons for why the entire Western World is getting fatter, more unhealthy, and more complacent. People have become so riddled with the distractions of this, our modern and sedentary life. I submit right now that staying or achieving a healthy body today is harder than it has ever been in our history, but by no means is this a reason to give up.

So sorry but as of yet you can't swallow a magic pill and expect those excess pounds, bad cholesterol, e.t.c... to just disappear. You can't get the right nutrients or look and feel fantastic by simply wishing on a New Years star. You have to be patient, take in the right nutrients and put in the work. There is a necessary focus, discipline, a certain degree of self-sacrifice, and a strong mindset that is necessary for you to persevere through the doubt and the temporary reluctance to change. It is within that perseverance that will see you happy and damned healthy. Giving up should not even be a consideration, especially this soon after making one of the most important commitments you can make to yourself and for your loved ones.

Secret #2 to getting your groove back? ... A goal requires a detailed and proven plan of attack in order to have any chance of success.
A goal without a detailed and proper plan is nothing more than an ethereal dream. It's a movie score without the movie. It's Avatar without the tall blue people. If you're not on a program now to help guide you to success, get a system like The Diet Solutions Program or the Truth About Abs fitness regimen. (Click the links to have a look) I have sworn by these systems for some time now, and if you have read this blog before, you know why. Bluntly, they both work like gangbusters.

Conversely, if you happen to be one of "those people", the type of person that ran out on January 2nd to buy a gym membership - well firstly, you'll have to actually attend the gym before the membership starts to work! Having a laminated gym card in your wallet while you reach past it to the Visa card that pays for your second FAT BURGER... well, sorry but the gym card alone doesn't burn calories.

Secondly, get a good personal trainer, not some self important shmuck, but a well trained and helpful guru. Here's why: when your key strategy to everlasting health is to aimlessly walk around the gym for 45 minutes, playing with all the shiny machines yet having no clue what to do with them, you are not working out you are copping out. You're looking for a reason to give up, and that's bloody nonsense. Make sure to have someone show you what to do with those machines, and help you get the most from your time and effort. Put another way, if your goal was to learn how to fly a helicopter, would you jump in the cockpit, push the buttons, move the joystick for a while and then simply set to the skies? Going to a gym blind will give you the same end result as "self-taught helicopter flying"... inevitably you'll crash and burn. You need someone with certified skill and experience to teach you the protocols and the techniques to get the job done.

And so, in my ongoing effort to end any rant with some atypical Juicing For Health continuity, 2010 should be the end all/be all for you, if especially when getting healthy is something you desperately want or physically need. This is the beginning of the only 2nd decade of the only 2nd millennium the world will ever see. If that's not something prophetic and motivating for you, I don't know what else to say. There are only a few times in our lives when we can say, "this will be my defining moment". 2010 should be the year you swear you will lose unhealthy habits, fight the gravity of all that extra poundage, or maybe just to start feeding yourself good juicing fuel and not the junk that surrounds us every day. If that sounds like you, then you will need to do more than hope and pray for success. Like I said in secret #2, a goal without a proper defined plan is a failure waiting for time to pass. If you are trying to turn your 20 year old blender into a masticating juicer, stop the nonsense and get a proper Juicer. Start here (link, link, and link!) for some of the best and most cost effective juicers on the market, and at the best deals you will find anywhere. Oh, and before you start juicing Kool-Aid and Twinkies, grab The Juicing For Life 8 Pack for some awesomeness, combined with delicious, healthy recipes - sans Twinkies of course.
Factoid: my ultra sexy super cool and best selling Juicing Guide has recently fulfilled it's contractual exclusivity to a popular fitness magazine. I will most likely release it digitally here at a bargain on Ye Old Juicing Recipes For Health blog by no later than April. Please do check back often.
You should know by now that I'm not blabbering about all this health stuff just to sell you the latest nonsense. I rant about healthy living and how to properly achieve it time and again out of a singular passion, because my own life experience has taught me that 1) your health is the single most important thing you will ever own, and 2) you need proper tools to do the job of getting "healthy" right. Standing around wishing and hoping - without the requisite knowledge and skill set - while admirable it is quite useless. Bluntly, if that is your only strategy to gain better health, before long you won't need a juicer or a Diet Solution, you'll need a script for Prozac, some aggressive cognitive therapy, and maybe heart medication and/or daily insulin shots for your type 1 Diabetes. Proper nutrition combined with Juicing for Health and a good workout program is THE holy trinity of health. You simply can't go wrong by applying those three axioms in your everyday life. So get off the fence and in the game already, time's a wastin'.

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