Juicing For Health Eyes The Future, and it Looks Grim... Maybe...

factoid #1: Buying 1 Grande Latte at Starbucks for 31 days is close enough to the equivalent of buying the juicer linked here. While that juicer is not the most awesome Juicing For Health tool you can find, it's a far better choice than a month's worth of caffeine, sugar, addiction, e.t.c...
Hello again to all my fair and gentle readers/subscribers! :) Keeping in line with my last article, I wanted to stick with the whole "2010" theme, it being 1 month and 19 days into 2010, or just a few days past Valentines. Ouch!

When I hear or see "2010" printed somewhere, I can't help but thinking that 2020 isn't but a decade away, as the crow flies. Now don't get me wrong here; a decade, when your under 25, it can seem like an eternity away. For those of us approaching or at 40+ however, folks knee deep into the dreaded middle age, time doesn't pass so slowly at all. People in my age group and beyond no longer have the luxury of an "invincibility delusion" as young people do, nor a lightning speed, tip top, optimal immune system to keep us vital and thriving. Middle age is that time when - well, to be blunt - 100 years ago most of us died of old age.

In fact, a decade can pass so quickly when you're approaching middle age (and beyond) you can have a heart attack just from wondering where the time went. And so the question for anyone still sitting on the fence about maintaining and improving health becomes this: What will you be doing in 2020? Will you be alive and thriving? Will you require hospice, nurses and medical contraptions to stay alive? Will you be waiting to die, or will you be healthy as a pubescent ox, ready to combat any of the many diseases and conditions that - at around 40 or so years of age - start noticing you like you were the next James Cameron movie.
Factoid #2: Yes, I'm sorry to say it, but believe it; at or around 40 years of age you are officially lit up on the sickness/disease radar for the rest of your life.
It's the age old question (pun intended), once penned by the great Shakespeare, "To be healthy or not to be healthy" (I may be misquoting a bit there :))

I can feel what you're saying to yourself right now, oh fair and gentle reader ... "how depressing can one article be?" Well it's not meant to be all "foreboding", it's just that this needs to be said for anyone sitting on a fence that's about to collapse. Some people simply require one final wake up call, so I'm trying to be a very miserable, annoying alarm clock.

For those of you who think that what I'm saying makes perfect sense - yet you still can't find a single inclining to get on a good fitness program, or maybe you're the person who can't find enough money to buy a quality juicer (yet you can buy a Venti Latte every day at Starbucks), it is high time to stop deluding yourself and understand what neglecting your health will mean, in 10 years or so. The people avoiding this reality now are the same people that - in 10 or so years - when the doctor comes into the office with that somber test result and the "how do I give this crappy news" look on his face, they will be cursing an ignored past.

Here's why I mention 2020 only one month into 2010. Thing is, if you're coming upon middle age (or perhaps fully entrenched by it) you will start to ask yourself those preceding questions over and over - even without my assistance. Hopefully you will nag enough at your conscience that it becomes sickening beyond belief. Then perhaps you can start juicing for your health and getting in shape, just to spite yourself.

Why will these questions come up you may ask? It's simple. Middle age is that time when the phantom aches and pains start, pains that you've never felt in parts of your body you never knew existed. It's that time when you come home from a bowling game to find you've thrown out our back, permanently. It's the time when you have to ask your doctor why your knees creak and your bowels forgot how to move (or how to stop moving, respectively). It's when a practice round of tennis makes even your eyelids ache.

Here's some good news... in 10 years you can thrive and be as healthy as humanly possible. That is no joke, and no feigned optimism. Straight up facts, my fair and gentle readers. Get your health together now, and in no time you will be more prepared to fight the battles and ravages of aging (and your environment) than over 80% of the world's population. You can be part of the lucky few, that guy or girl that - God forbid - if diagnosed with something horrible - your doctor can confidently say "it may be bad, but your healthy enough to beat it". It's that, or you can end up in critical care on an iron lung, getting MRI's every few days, and waiting for the bomb to drop that you are about to die from whatever crap an unhealthy lifestyle has manufactured or promoted.

What's My Motivation?
Within the fundamental reality I've just written is an elemental motivation that may escape those of you who think change is impossible, and it is one you must now truly consider. Your loved ones. Yes, those people who care and love you will suffer right along with you if you fall ill, in fact more so, on certain levels. On top of the emotional suffering, I won't even get into the financial hardships a critical and/or worsening physical condition can mean to you and your family, but I will utter just 2 words on the subject... MASSIVE DEBT.

An Experiment:
This should only take a moment. Right now I want you to look at your spouse/your children/your dog or cat - anyone you love and who loves you back unconditionally. Go ahead, I'll wait. If they aren't close by then grab a picture or pull up some snapshots on your mobile. Now I want you to really look deep into the eyes that look back at you, examine the smile that was offered from that person who truly loves and adores you. Now I want you to take the time (while looking at them) to muse long and hard about what intense emotional and financial strain your unhealthy lifestyle could mean to them, come 10 + years from now.

OK OK, I'm pretty much done with the doom and gloom, and I'm hoping that by now at least you've come to understand full well that aging, sickness, and the ravages of time are multiplied exponentially from living an unhealthy life, from ignoring the techniques, guides and proven techniques available that can keep you healthy and more importantly, prepared to battle aging and disease.

In closing, here's a Juicing For Health kicker for you to think about when you reach the drive-thru window tomorrow. A thriving and healthy lifestyle is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do for yourself and the people who love you, who care deeply for you, and who look to you for love, guidance, and support. Even if you can't muster the strength to do this for yourself, they desperately need you to do it, full stop. So get up, get your act together and get healthy, starting today.

Here's a green juice recipe video for your conscience to muse over;). Martha Stewart may be a convicted felon, but she sure knows her way around a Breville Juicer ... for real. (BTW you can find the juicer featured in this video here at serious discounts by clicking this link - or just by cruising around the site.)



John said...

Hi, great post!

I haven't been the healthiest at times, and being young, I tend to party quite a bit. Though lately, with encouragement from Dad, I've become more and more motivated to be healthy.

There are honestly so many benefits to it, including the fact that you can more effectively help those around you. For me, one thing that really motivates is the desire to make the most of myself. If I'm not healthy, then I can't be at my best, nor can I embrace the world fully.

Juice Gal said...

When you're stuck in the world of doing unhealthy things for your body, it's hard to break the cycle. You've provided some good motivation here.

I know from my experience, that after juicing healthy foods, I have less of a craving for junk foods. Gotta keep pushing on!

Cheers to everyone who gives this a try!