Juicing Recipes Video Classic

It's feature video time again. It's also him again. Jason Vale that is. I've featured this overly energetic dude more than once on the juicing recipes blog. The guy just rocks if you ask me, and BTW I have absolutely no affiliation - I just think he's an incredibly gifted man at convincing us all why it is important to juice.

Having said that, if you can watch the video that follows and not feel a compelling urge to run to the kitchen and juice everything in sight, well you have to be an alien from the planet Potato Chip.

Jason's books and products are available here, or anywhere that can claim to be a juicing recipes site worth a salt. Let's face it, the guy is infectious and a testament to the benefits of juicing as a way of life.

I actually took his advice and went on a juicing spa retreat in Montenegro last year and that experience was nothing short of brilliant. If you want information on that retreat, email or leave a comment and I'll give you the 411. That link above contains a video explaining the retreat, and you can guess who's hosting it.

OK, so if you have watched that video and still don't have a juicer or a proper juicing recipes book, click here for a juicer and here for the penultimate recipe book. Get your juicing lifestyle started today, your body, mind, spirit, skin will all thank you for it.

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