Juicing Recipes With Super Foods!

Let's talk about "super foods" and how they apply to some great juicing recipes. Specifically let's talk about wheat grass. Now here's a food item that proves God has an exquisite sense of irony, because although wheat grass is like spinach to Popeye, it can taste like a mouthful of poisonous worms (at least to me). Here comes the infamous "but" ...... BUT here's a few facts about wheat grass...
  1. It retains 82 out of the 92 minerals that are present only in organic soil.
  2. Just 1oz of wheat grass juice is said to contain the same amount of nutrients as 2.5 lbs of green vegetables.
  3. It has high concentrations of chlorophyll, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.
Now there are more reasons for why wheat grass is one of natures super foods, but that really doesn't matter because eating wheat grass is torturous - in a Machiavellian sort of way. How can I describe it? Strong, and I am being very sensitive to my readers here because to say it tastes "strong" is like saying root canal isn't all that bad. Once you try it there will no doubt be a few expletives added to your own sad description.

So now we know that wheat grass tastes like old socks. And unless you happen to be one of those happy few that enjoys tasting old socks there really isn't much we can do to add wheat grass into our diet, with the exception of the juice machine. The most common juice machines (centrifugal juicers) will not juice wheat grass very well, and I recommend you not try. It will only make a mess and leave you in the kitchen silently cursing at me :-). What you will need is a a multi-purpose juicer, such as the Samson 6 in 1 Juicer, or the Samson Ultra Green Power 1304 Electric Juicer. You could go out and grab a "back to basics" manual juicer for your wheat grass needs, but my guess is you would rather get a forearm workout at the gym and not in the kitchen.

Another great choice for multi-purpose juicers is the Omega series, 8003 and 8004. They juice wheatgrass, barley grass, and I believe even old socks if you're so inclined :-) I'm quite sure that these juicers are in stock at the e store, but if not you can find them all over. If you would like one, leave a comment and I will do my best to make one available here for ya. :-)

To summarize, if you're just getting into juicing recipes then perhaps you are not quite ready to juice wheat grass or make concoctions with one of natures super foods. But if you are, make sure you have the right juicer and have at it! Alternatively, you can find wheat grass juice concoctions at any health food store worth a salt. Here's a few good juicing recipes for wheat grass guaranteed to make it taste less annoying. Enjoy!!

Pure Green

6 Celery stalks
5 large spinach leaves
Handful of parsley
3-5 inch round of wheatgrass
Wash greens and juice (no need to cut up greens if using Samson)
Dilute with 1/2 cup water if desired

Orange and Green

5 carrots
3-4 inch round of wheatgrass
1/4 cup water optional
A nutritious drink that tastes good

Tropical Green

2 cups fresh pineapple
1 orange
1 papaya (fine to use green papaya and to include skin if organic)
3-4 inch round of wheatgrass
Sip slowly and imagine yourself on a tropical beach

These recipes and many more are available at allorganic.net. Please look the site over when you have time, it's a fantastic juicing site with great info on juicers.


Juicer Josh said...

Wheatgrass is simply amazing! We've been taking it for years and have never felt better. Keep up the good work.

James Reno said...

I've had shots of wheatgrass. It is not really that bad, especially compared to the benefits. Keep up the great articles and spreading the healthy word!

James Reno