The Academy Recognizes This Juicing Recipes Movie...

Here's a little diddy I found today while cruising the wonderful world of "You Tube". As a disclaimer I have to say that I have absolutely no affiliation with the bloke in this video, and I am careful not to promote one product or company over another. But I think this young man is absolutely brilliant none-the-less. There is nothing I can say on this site about the benefits of juicing and juicing recipes that Jason Vale can't tell you, and believe me, he'll tell you while jumping around with entirely too much energy.

The first 20 comments, questions, suggestions posted on this video - or any topic on the blog - will get not only a timely and informative response, you will receive a free *insert dramatic music here* "secret juicing recipe" from the high security vaults of juicing recipes for health!!

Seriously folks, this guy really knows what he's on about. It's a very informative piece, and there will be more about him available on the blog later because I am thoroughly impressed.

So think of your health and watch!! (You can surf for porn later :-))


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juicer machine girl said...

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