Juicing Can Save Your Life

Why juice? Why bother with juicing recipes? It's simple, really. Juicing is the one thing you can do with relative ease that can add years to your life. Juicing is easy to prepare, fun, and cleaning up your mess takes a matter of seconds. You can make a healthy amount of live, nutrient rich liquid food in under five minutes - which can bring you more energy than 10 Low fat Lattes and 5 tubs of ice cream. If you refrigerate the leftovers, you can have 2 to 3 servings throughout your day and the health benefits of this are mind numbing. (It should be noted that I advise against keeping juice any longer than 24 hours as it will lose it's nutritional quality at that point)

Having a good juicing program allows you to consume more raw vegetables in less than 5 minutes than most people would eat in a week - and for no more money than a full tank of gas. That is extremely good value, if you place value on good health.

Try this one on for size, I call it the Super Energy Detox Blitz (don't ask why :-)):

1 lemon
2 radish
1 beet
1 slice Spanish onion
2 sweet potato
1 celery
2 Tbs. cider vinegar

courtesy of freedomyou.com

If taste is your consideration, yes, it can taste pretty good. The proper experimentation and recipes (which you will find right here) will lead you to a concoction worthy of your taste buds.

Who doesn't want mind-blowing energy levels, sparkling bright white eyes, shiny hair, hard nails, strong bones and glowing skin? I certainly do. When I started juicing 5 years ago I looked like a vampire, and now I am constantly getting compliments on how healthy I look.

Juicing is beneficial to so many health related areas, and the best thing about it is that juicing is not rocket science at all. It takes a meager investment in the proper juicer, the occasional visit to your produce section at the local grocery store, and some creative juicing recipes and "kerplow!!!" you have instant health in a glass.

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